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Maintenance Products

  Maintaining your tape in hair extensions is important for the longevity of its lifespan. That is why Zen Hair provides you with the best tape hair extensions maintenance products.   Our tape in extension remover spray provides a painless removal process, as it is fast acting. It is non-drying because it is free from damaging and harsh chemicals. It loosens up the tape bonds, allowing your tape in hair extensions to loosen up quickly and be removed painlessly without pulling or causing any damage to either of your hair and hair extensions. This ensures they stay healthy and in their high quality.   For the re-application of your tape in hair extensions, Trax Tabs is the perfect re-taping tab for it. They are long lasting, allowing your tape hair extensions to stay in place securely for a longer period without loosening or slipping off your hair. These double-sided tapes are medical-grade adhesive. This guarantees to cause absolutely no sensitivity or damage to your scalp, hair, and roots. They leave no sticky residue on your natural hair after removing them. They are pre-cut to 72 pieces and ready to use, as they perfectly fit the size of Zen's Tape In Hair Extensions.

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