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Micro Rings Silicone

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Zen Hair’s Micro Rings Silicone

Our Micro Rings Silicone are lined with Silicone from the inside to cushion the compression effect on your hair, to provide you with the most comfortable fit, making them ideal for clients who have fine hair.


  • Silicone Lined – the inside of the Micro Rings are lined with silicone making this application method completely safe, and providing an extra grip and protection to the hair and the I-Tip.
  • 100% Safe – these Micro Rings with Silicone are safe to wear and do not harm your natural hair.
  • Secure Hold – holds the I-Tip Hair Extensions tightly in place and does not slide off or come undone.
  • Color Availability – they are available in 9 colors; Black, Blonde, Brown, Dark Blonde, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Mocha Brown, Reddish Brown and Wine Red.
  • Invisible – due to their small size, the Micro Rings are completely hidden, giving you a natural and seamless look.


How to use the Micro Ring Silicone:


  1. First thing first, start by sectioning the hair at the base of the scalp using a tail comb, ensuring you make a clean line. Clip the remaining hair up out of the way.
  2. Insert one Micro Ring through the loop tool, making sure it remains at the bottom of the loop tool.
  3. Take a small section of the natural hair, then using the loop tool, loop the hair strand through it.
  4. Next, pull the small Micro Ring from the bottom of the loop tool sliding it closer to the scalp, until the hair is threaded through the Micro Ring.
  5. Take a strand of the Zen Hair I-Tip Extensions, and insert the I-Tip into the Micro Ring. Make sure that the ring as well as the I-Tip extension is not too close to the scalp. This is to avoid a very tight fit that may cause discomfort, pain and damage to the hair roots, allowing the hair extension to move naturally.
  6. Next, using the hair extension plier, clamp down on the micro ring. Make sure the ring lies flat against the head.
  7. Continue doing the previous steps in rows to complete a full head application.
  8. Style and cut as preferred.

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