9 Hacks to Make Your Tape In Hair Extensions Last Longer

Tape in hair extensions is one of the most popular types of permanent hair extensions among hair professionals and clients to help achieve any desired look. Whether it is adding length to your hair, a bit of thickness and volume, or even wanting to add some color like lowlights, highlights or Balayage and Ombré, or all three together for the perfect glow-up. It's a quick, easy and safe way to get your desired look without having to wait around for months for your hair to get longer, or even damage your hair from dying or bleaching your hair to keep up with the recent hair color trends.

While it is true that your tape in hair extensions is 100% Remy hair and can be treated the same as your natural hair, there are a few things to keep in mind that will most definitely help you keep your extensions healthy, lustful and as good as new.

Here are the best tape in hair extensions hacks to keep your hair extensions healthy and last you a long time:

1. Washing your Remy tape in hair extensions correctly

9 hacks for tape in hair extensions sulphate free shampoo conditioner

One of the most important things when it comes to taking care of your tape in hair extensions, or any type of hair extensions, as a matter of fact, is using the right products that are hair extension friendly. We strongly recommend using a shampoo and conditioner that is free of Sulphate, Paraben, Silicone and Alcohol. These chemicals are harmful to your hair extensions, as well as your hair, as they can strip away moisture and natural oils from the hair, leaving it really dry and brittle, and more prone to breakage.

Always wash your tape in hair extensions upright in the shower, rather than washing it over the sink. It may be easier and quicker to do it over the sink, but unfortunately, this will cause your extensions to tangle, making it difficult to untangle them afterwards.

2. Avoid Sleeping with Wet Extensions

9 hacks for tape in hair extensions avoid sleeping with wet extensions

Never go to sleep with wet or damp hair extensions. Because your hair is at its weakest when it’s wet, going to sleep with wet hair can cause immense damage. It causes your roots, natural hair and your extensions to get tangled and matted, not to mention it causes breakage. We advise you to dry your hair extensions using a microfiber towel to squeeze out any excess water after your shower, then using a hairdryer, dry out your hair extensions, preferably using the cooler setting to minimize heat damage.

3. Correct Sleeping Routine

9 hacks for tape in hair extensions sleeping routine

Now that you have learnt to avoid sleeping with wet hair extensions, you also want to avoid getting your hair extensions tangled during sleep. They can get super tangled from tossing and turning during the night, which makes it a nightmare trying to untangle them in the morning, which ultimately will put pressure on your roots and bonds while trying to brush them out.

Right before going to sleep, brush your hair extensions using a hair extension friendly brush such as a Paddle brush with looped bristles, or you can even use a wide-toothed comb. This will remove any tangles that happened during the day.

Try and put your hair in a loose ponytail using a scrunchie. You can even braid it and get those beautiful natural-looking beach waves in the morning.

4. Keep Up With Maintenance Appointments

9 hacks for tape in hair extensions maintenance

Another important hack to keep Zen Hair's best tape in hair extensions in their tip-top shape is going into your hair salon regularly for a maintenance appointment. Maintenance is key to ensure that your tape extensions remain healthy and look as good as new throughout the time you are wearing them.

Maintenance should be done every 6-8 weeks (2 months). During this time, your natural hair grows, and for it to stay healthy and tangle and matt free, you need to do maintenance. Neglecting to do so causes major damage to your natural hair, it will cause extreme knotting and makes the removal process of the tape hair extensions really difficult, not to mention trying to untangle the new hair growth will not be easy and can cause hair loss and root breakage.

During the process of maintenance, your hairdresser will remove your tape in hair extensions from your hair using a special tape hair extension remover. Afterwards, your hairdresser makes sure that there is no adhesive residue left on your hair, then your hair is washed, dried and prepped once again for the reapplication of the tape extensions. Using high-quality double-sided re-taping tabs, your tape in hair extensions Remy hair are reapplied on your hair just like they were fitted the first time; close to your roots. 

Don’t forget to also include a regular trimming appointment to help you get rid of dry, damaged split ends to keep those locks healthy and beautiful.

5. Avoid Excess Heat Styling To Prevent Heat Damage

9 hacks for tape in hair extensions less heat styling

While wanting to curl, straighten your hair and try out new and different hairstyles with your Remy tape in hair extensions, they can easily get damaged by using repeated heat on them. The high temperature from heat stylers can strip away your hair’s moisture, resulting in dry and brittle hair extensions with split ends.

  • When using a heat styler, whether it is a blowdryer, straightener or curling iron, always use a heat protectant spray on your hair and hair extensions. This creates a barrier between your hair and extensions and the heat from the styler, to make sure that there is the least amount of damage.
  • When possible, use the lower setting on your styler to minimize heat damage.
  • Use alternative ways to style your hair, such as hair rollers, braids, headband curls, and many others.

6. Regularly Brush Your Tape In Hair Extensions

9 hacks for tape in hair extensions brush hair extensions regularly

Brush your hair extensions throughout the day. This ensures that they are tangle-free and soft all day long.

Use a hair extension brush that is specifically designed for hair extensions. The looped bristles on the brush prevent snagging your hair while brushing, gliding through your hair smoothly removing any tangles. Start by gently brushing from the ends of the hair extensions, making your way upwards. This way you will be able to feel out any tangled hair and prevent tugging on your hair extensions while untangling the hair.

7. Separate Your Tape Hair Extensions Bonds Daily

This is a great way to help prevent your roots from getting tangled and matted. Using your fingers, carefully feel out each bond and separate them to check they have not become tangled. 

8. Do Weekly Conditioning

9 hacks for tape in hair extensions weekly hair masks

Unlike your natural hair, your Remy tape in hair extensions is not getting any nutrients and natural oils that your scalp produces to help maintain its moisture and hydration. To give that extra love to your hair extensions, consider doing weekly conditioning treatments.

Natural oils such as Argan, Coconut and Macadamia oils are a great way to help restore moisture to your hair, nourish it and help keep it healthy and shiny. You can also use hair masks or deep conditioning treatments.

Make sure to always apply the conditioning agent away from your roots, where the bond is. This is to prevent your tape hair extensions from getting loose and falling out.

9. Swim Care

9 hacks for tape in hair extensions swimming care

While being away on a vacation and having fun in the sun is great, direct sunlight, saltwater and chlorine aren’t great for your hair extensions. They can be extremely damaging and drying, which ultimately lessens your tape extensions’ lifespan. 

Here are quick and helpful tips to help prevent any damage to your locks while you are enjoying your vacation:

  • Before swimming, prep your hair by wetting it with fresh water and applying a conditioner. You can use a leave-in conditioner or products specifically made for when you go swimming to help prevent damage from the sun and chlorine. Apply it away from your roots, from midlength all the way to the ends. This creates a barrier and prevents your hair extensions from absorbing the saltwater or the chlorine from the pool.
  • If possible, try and keep your hair extensions out of the water as much as possible. Use a swimming cap to protect your hair extensions from salt water or chlorine. Although it might not be your first choice, it could really prevent damage. You can alternatively put your hair in a high bun.
  • Wash and dry your tape in hair extensions immediately after your swim. Quickly wash off any salt water or chlorine from your hair extension to stop your extensions from absorbing them. Then using a microfiber towel, squeeze out all the excess water, then gently brush using a looped bristle brush to remove tangles.
  • After you finish swimming, shampoo and condition your hair to remove any salt water or chlorine residue. This will restore hydration and moisture to your extensions, reviving them and keeping them healthy.
  • Use your favorite hair oil or hair serum and apply it to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair extension, to provide nourishment and shine.