Learn the correct way to cut wig hair to change your wig style easily

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Many women in Saudi Arabia often turn to styling their natural hair at beauty salons or even in their own homes, either to add some beauty touches to their hair or even to trim their hair strands. But what if you have a wig or hair extension? Will you be able to cut and style it to your satisfaction, making others admire its elegance and beauty? Can wig hair even be cut in the first place? Yes, it's entirely possible to cut wig hair of all types, and before we guide you on the correct method of doing so, you should first understand the benefits of cutting wig hair.

1. Gives you a more natural and aesthetic look: Cutting or trimming the wig hair to closely resemble your natural hair without any noticeable distinction provides you with a highly realistic appearance.

2. Achieves an appealing look: Having the opportunity to cut your wig hair in a style that perfectly complements the shape of your face gives you a more pleasing and well-suited appearance.

3. Adding or trimming bangs: Wig hair often comes in long lengths and may need trimming or adding bangs to achieve the desired look.

4. Repairing damage to the wig: Frequent wearing and styling of wig hair may lead to some damage at the ends of the hair strands. You can cut the wig hair to restore it to a fresh and new look

How to Cut Wig or Hair Extensions Step by Step

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Natural wigs are quite different from synthetic wigs, so we strongly recommend taking them to a professional hair stylist with experience in cutting natural wig hair. A hair stylist will cut the wig hair while it's on your head to tailor it to the shape of your face and head, achieving the most realistic appearance possible.

The style of synthetic hair differs from natural human hair, which is why it often needs a slightly different approach to look natural. It's essential to understand that once you cut wig hair, there's no going back, and it won't grow again. So, it's better not to take the risk of cutting it yourself unless you're confident in your skills.

How to Cut Bangs on a Wig

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Trimming bangs is one of the most common modifications made to wig hair by women and girls. You might need to trim the excess from the bangs to better suit the shape of your face. It's generally recommended to have a professional hair stylist cut the bangs unless you're determined to do it yourself. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Step 1: Ensure the wig's bangs are dry, not wet, as cutting wet bangs might lead to an incorrect cut.
  2. Step 2: Wear the wig since wearing it during the cut will help you determine the suitable length for your face.
  3. Step 3: Create a triangular shape with the bangs, pulling them forward to form a triangular shape at the front of the hair.
  4. Step 4: Determine the right length, hold the hair between your fingers at the length you want for the bangs on the wig, allowing it to be slightly longer because you can always cut more.
  5. Step 5: Pull the hair forward directly and then cut it to your desired and face-suitable length.
  6. Step 6: Maintain a specific angle while cutting, at about a 45-degree angle with the scissors, to ensure that the strands are even and uniform.

Can You Cut Wig Hair at Home?

Once again, we don't recommend attempting to cut wig hair at home by yourself. However, if you're naturally adventurous or have successfully trimmed wig hair or your natural hair in the past, we have some tips and tricks to help you.

Tips for Cutting Wig Hair at Home:

  • Start Small: If it's your first time, limit the number of changes and cuts needed for your wig hair. Begin with minor adjustments, like trimming the ends and reducing volume.
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  • Use High-Quality Scissors: Invest in high-quality hair scissors. Using sharp scissors is crucial for a precise cut. Keep in mind that the plastic fibers in synthetic wig hair may dull the scissors faster than natural hair.
  • Use a Wig Stand: When cutting the back of the wig, place it on a wig stand. Trying to cut it while it's on your head can lead to uneven results. Cutting on a stand ensures better accuracy.

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  • Cutting the Front: When cutting the wig's front, place it on your head. Align the hair hanging over your shoulders, face, and cheeks to get a perfect look for your face.
  • Use a Wig Comb: Use a specialized wig comb to detangle and smooth the hair before cutting. This will ensure a smoother trimming process. You can sometimes use a wig hair detangler spray to remove tangles.
  • Adjust the Angle: Maintain a consistent angle while cutting, preferably around a 45-degree angle with the scissors. This helps create a more natural look and prevents bulkiness.
  • Divide the Hair: Divide the wig hair into sections using a fine-toothed comb and secure each section with hair clips.
  • Cut Less Than You Think: Always cut less than you think you need. Remember, you can't put the hair back once it's cut. Take your time and cut cautiously.
  • Visualize the Final Look: Have a clear mental picture of how you want the wig hair to look, and refer to a hairstyle reference for guidance when needed.
  • Inspect and Equalize: After cutting, inspect all parts of the hair to ensure there are no uneven or stray ends.
  • Moisturize and Tame: Moisturize and tame the wig hair before cutting if it's curly, wavy, or frizzy. Be extremely careful during the cutting process.

        In conclusion, all the mentioned tips are crucial for achieving an attractive look when cutting wig hair at home. However, it's important to be aware that a professional hairdresser is always well-versed in handling different types of wig and hair extensions, so it's recommended not to experiment at home if you're concerned about damaging them or their appearance.