Frequently asked questions

      1. What are the bases available for Hair Wig for Men?

      Our Hair Wig for Men typically is available in various base options including Swiss Lace, French Lace, Polyskin and more.

      2. How long does the Hair Wig for Men stay on my head?

      The duration a wig stays on your head depends on the type of adhesive used and how well it's applied. Generally, with proper attachment using adhesive or clips, a wig can stay securely in place for a month up to month and a half, then maintenance is done and your hair wig for men is re-applied using your chosen adhesive.

      3. What kind of glue or adhesive should I use to install the Men’s Wig Hair?

      For installing your Men’s Wig Hair, you can use wig adhesive specifically designed for them. Popular options include wig tape, wig glue, or adhesive strips. It's essential to choose a product suitable for your skin type and the wig material.

      4. Does the Men’s Wig Hair allow air and water to come through?

      The level of air and water permeability depends on the wig base material.The Base for Men’s Wig Hair from “Bawareek” offer breathability and allow water to penetrate, making them more comfortable for extended wear.

      5. How do I choose the right size for my Hair Wig For Men?

      To ensure the best fit for your Hair Wig for Men, measure the circumference of your head using a soft tape measure. If you are unsure, please reach out to our hair expert to give a free online consultation to help you pick the right size to ensure comfort and security when wearing the wig.

      6. Can I style the Men’s Wig Hair?

      Yes, you can style men's wig hair just like natural hair. You can cut, trim, comb, and use styling products such as gel or mousse to achieve your desired look. However, it's essential to use heat styling tools cautiously to prevent damage.