Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of hair extensions?

Zen Hair Shop offers different types of hair extensions, in different lengths available in more than 25 colors.

The cost of hair extensions varies depending on the type of extensions you desire to purchase, as well as the length.

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2. What are ponytail extensions?

Ponytail extensions are a temporary type of hair extensions that you can apply and remove anytime you want. They are perfect way to transform your regular ponytail to a long, thick and voluminous ponytail, suitable for all occasions.

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3. How to put hair extensions clip in yourself?

Zen Hair’s Clip in hair extensions are a great way to add length, thickness and color to your hair in a matter of minutes. They are so easy to apply and can be done from the comfort of your home, in just 10 minutes!


Apply the different sizes of the 9-piece clip in hair extensions as preferred on your head, starting from the bottom part nearest to the nape of your neck.

Start by sectioning your hair in a straight line, tease the roots a little, then secure the clip in hair extensions snapping it closed. Continue distributing the clip ins as you want. Finish by combing your hair and the extensions and style it as preferred.

Read our top 7 tips to follow for the ultimate care of your clip in hair extensions.

4. How to make hair extensions clip in?

Our Clip in hair extensions is ready to use. They are 160g, and are available in 9 various sizes per pack:

  • 1 XL piece 23 cm (9 inch)/width
  • 2 Large pieces 15 cm (6 inch)/width
  • 2 Medium pieces 10 cm (4 inch)/width
  • 4 Small pieces 4 cm (1.5 inch)/width

For clients who wish to purchase clip in hair extensions in fewer amounts or weight, you can purchase our Weft Extensions that can be customized into preferred pieces and sizes. We advise you to have them done at a professional, who is an expert in transforming the weft extension into customized clip in hair extensions. This way the weft extensions remain in their high quality, using high quality material to avoid any mishaps or shedding.

5. How much does hair extension tape in cost?

Zen Hair offers two types of tape in hair extensions; regular tape in extensions and invisible hair extensions “Perfect Secret”.

The regular tape in hair extensions are Remy and Double Drawn, meaning the hair extension has the same thickness from the top all the way to the ends. Whereas the Invisible hair extension “Perfect Secret” is Remy and Super Drawn, meaning the hair extensions has the same thickness and length from the top of the extension to the ends.

Find out more about our hair extension tape ins.

6. Hair wig how to use?

Hair wigs are great because they are multi-purposeful. They can be used to change up your hairstyle and look, and help provide cover-up for clients who suffer partial or complete hair loss or bald spots, as well as chemo patients.

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7. Where to buy the best lace front wigs?

Bawareek offers you high quality lace front wigs that are Double Drawn and 100% Remy Virgin human hair wigs. They are 150% in density and available in multiple lengths.

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8. What is the best wig for beginners?

Choosing the right wig for the first time can be a little overwhelming, especially for beginners. In order for you to choose the right type and best wig, you need to know what kind of solution the wig will offer for you. Will the hair wig be used to add length and volume for a quick change of style? Or will it help offer a cover up for hair loss or bald spots?

The Brazilian Front Lace Wig or Mongolian Front Lace wig as well as the Silk Base top wig are great options for a complete cover up. It covers your entire head and it is most suitable for people with complete or partial hair loss.

The U-Part Wig is great for clients who want to blend their natural hair with the wig. This wig features a U shape part at the top part of the wig that allows you to seamlessly blend your natural hair with the wig for that perfect natural and undetectable finished look.

Depending on your needs, we at Bawareek can assist you choose the best possible option to help you achieve you desired look with the utmost satisfaction.

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9. What is the best human hair wig for sale?

All wigs by Bawareek and 100% Remy Human hair wigs. We offer Brazilian and Mongolian Front lac wigs, Silk Base Top Wigs and U-Part wigs.

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