Our Story

The Story of Zen Hair Shop

In the vast stretch of land between the United Kingdom and the Middle East, two friends found themselves deeply engaged in a thrilling idea that would soon become a game-changer in the beauty world. One of them, who lived in the UK, noticed that Zen Hair, a specialized business that dealt with hair extensions, was flourishing, and they saw an opportunity to expand its horizon in the Middle East.

With a lot of excitement and determination, they decided to explore this new market.

Our team in the Middle East started small. We walked and drove through the streets every day, going from one salon to another, showing off the amazing Zen Hair products. As people talked about it, little by little, we established our own presence, our own place and won the hearts of many customers. We started to build a group of loyal clients. But our strong desire to succeed was what kept us going, and we knew we could achieve even more.

Realizing what we could achieve, we chose to switch things up. Instead of going through the middlemen at salons, we took a big risk and went right to customers with our products. But even with this bold move, we didn't forget about the salons that had been with us since the start. We knew they were important partners on this journey of beauty and empowerment.

As we started this new adventure, our passion for bringing beauty and confidence to people knew no bounds. With a lot of determination, we jumped into this exciting chapter of our story, excited to make a difference in people's lives and leave a lasting impact.

As months went on, our hard work eventually paid off. More and more keen customers noticed us. When we realized how powerful it is to be online, we decided to make a website that could connect with customers all across the wide MENA region, going beyond just our local area. It was a bold move, but we had big dreams.

And so, we came up with a big idea - a website that could go beyond physical borders and bring our amazing and luxury  products to customers all over the MENA region. And that's how we launched the website, the first of its kind, with the important goal of offering 100% natural hair extensions and wigs to women in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, and more.

The first version of the website came to life during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic. As the world grappled with lockdowns and uncertainty, our team faced numerous challenges with shipments and logistics. Yet, we remained devoted and managed to keep our dream afloat against all odds. When the shackles of lockdown were slowly lifted, we surged back into the market, with a fierce determination that took the industry by storm.

Post- Covid-19, our website underwent a transformation, adopting a new design that was not only visually appealing but also user-friendly. The challenges posed by the pandemic became opportunities for growth, enabling us to refine the website's quality and provide an exceptional user experience.

We didn’t stop there. Our dedication to excellence knew no bounds, and our website stood as a testament to the unwavering commitment we had to our craft.

We wanted to cater to the diverse needs of every woman seeking a touch of elegance, as our number one goal is to empower women around the globe to embrace their natural beauty and boost their confidence. Our passion for this mission drove us to offer high-quality luxury products at affordable prices, ensuring that everyone could achieve their desired look without compromise.

To achieve this, we meticulously manufacture our hair extensions and wigs based essentially on British standards, but also worldwide beauty & quality standards, offering an array of styles, cuts, and a wide variety of color options. Our commitment to excellence remains unwavering as we continue on our quest to spread the Zen Hair Shop legacy of elegance and grace to women everywhere.

We wanted to take it a step further, and wanted to become a base for knowledge, not only a platform for sales. And so, we started offering training courses to salons, uplifting the industry as a whole. Through everything, there's one thing we're really proud of  - our unparalleled customer service. We really care about giving our customers the best online support, and we're always here to make sure you have an incredible experience, anytime you need help. At Zen Hair Shop, we are always available for online consultations and to guide our clients toward their dreams of beauty and confidence.

Thus, the tale of Zen Hair unfolded -  a journey filled with friendship, ambition, strength, and a solid commitment to bringing happiness to people's lives through the beauty of high-quality hair extensions and wigs. Our tale left a profound mark on the hearts of countless customers, as we were more than sellers of beauty products; we were curators of confidence, hoping to spear our legacy of elegance and grace across the sands of time