What Are Hair Toppers? Complete Guideline

Hair toppers, also known as toupee, half wig or wiglets. They are considered hair systems or hair pieces that are used to cover hair loss, being it be partial hair loss, or complete hair loss; bald spots, specifically on the top part of your head. Some clients would choose toppers as an alternative to hair extensions if they wish to add volume and thickness to their hair.

There are different types of hair toppers available in the market. With different lengths, sizes and styles, made from either synthetic hair or real human hair.

Synthetic hair toppers are made from synthetic blended fibers.

  • They do not blend well with your natural hair.
  • They tend to have a shine to it, making it look very unnatural.
  • Gets tangled easily
  • Difficult to heat style, as it does not withstand heat from heat stylers.

Real Human Hair Toppers are made from 100% Remy human hair.

  • They give a very natural look as they blend in seamlessly with your hair.
  • They have a natural shine to it, just like your real hair.
  • Does not get tangled, as they are made from Remy hair
  • They are easily styled using heat stylers and you can achieve any style you like.

All hair toppers, wigs and hair extensions from Zen Hair Shop are 100% Remy human hair.

How do Hair Toppers Work?

Hair toppers are a great solution if you want to cover up thin hair, bald spots and complete hair loss occurring on the crown part of your head. They are invisible, lightweight, easy to attach, comfortable, and most importantly provide ventilation to both your hair and scalp, preventing any damage, allowing them to breathe throughout the duration of wear.

They do not require tape or glue in order for you to apply them, which saves you a lot of time. They only take a few minutes, and you are ready to start off your day.

Can you style hair toppers?

You absolutely can.

Hair toppers that are made from 100% real human hair can be styled in any way you desire. Because they are made from real human hair, they can be cut and styled, and are blended in perfectly with your natural hair. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles.

Pro tip: Make sure to always use a heat protectant spray before styling. The spray will create a barrier between the hair and the heat styler, to ensure it does not get damaged.

Are Hair Toppers bad for your hair? And can hair toppers cause hair loss?

Hair toppers are a great solution to cover up any hair damage, hair loss or to cover up bald spots. They do not damage your hair or scalp, or cause any hair loss if they are used correctly.

  1. Quality of the hair topper

Poor quality hair toppers are bound to create more damage to your hair, and further hair loss. Make sure you purchase a high quality made hair topper from reliable sources to avoid any damage to your hair.

  1. The Clip ons on the hair topper

Make sure that the clip on pieces on the hair topper are of high quality. Cheap clip ons will cause hair damage, breakage and cause further hair loss. Low quality clips will put pressure on your hair follicles and will cause tension resulting in them to break off. Furthermore, they will not allow the hair topper to attach to your hair securely, which will ultimately cause breakage.

  1. Application & Removal

Wrong and misplaced application will cause damage to your hair. Make sure that the application is done correctly, the clip in pieces are in place secured, making sure they are not causing any pressure on your hair. For more assistance and guidance, you can watch online tutorials and read guidelines that assist you on how to attach your hair topper properly.

For the removal, always make sure you unclip all the clip ons from your hair, and gently remove the hair topper off without pulling it.

  1. Size 

Before purchasing your hair topper, take a few minutes and measure your head. If the hair topper is too small, firstly it will not cover the area you want to cover, secondly, the clip ons will be attached to thinning or weak hair, which will cause damage and further hair loss.

  1. Bed time

ALWAYS remove your hair topper before going to sleep. Sleeping with your hair topper can be damaging to your hair. Plus, removing it at the end of the day will allow your scalp to breathe and to recover, and allow blood circulation under the hair follicles.

Types of Hair Topper available by Bawareek:

  1. Mono Hair Topper

Mono Hair Topper

Mono hair toppers, mono short for Monofilament, are toppers that are made by hand tying the hair into a mesh material, this provides a very natural look. Zen Hair’s Mono Hair Topper is a silk base hair topper. A hair topper that has a silk base allows your hair and scalp to breathe easily throughout the day. It gives you a realistic appearance of scalp and hair movement, allowing you to part and brush the hair in any way, just like you would with your natural hair.

  1. Pull Through Hair Topper

Pull Through Hair Topper

Pull through hair toppers have holes on its base, which allows you to pull your natural hair through it, hence its name. This is a great option if you have thinning hair at the very top part of your head and you want to cover it up, adding volume and body, while having your natural hair blend through the hair topper.

  1. Silk Top Hair Topper

Silk Top Hair Topper

Similar to the Mono hair topper, its base is made from Silk. What makes the Silk Top Hair Topper different from the Mono Hair topper is the additional material added under the layer of Silk. Usually the silk material is sewn over another layer of either lace or Monofilament. Just like the Mono Hair Topper, the hair is hand tied, but is more concealed, because the hair knots is tied under the silk base, which gives you that ultra natural look of scalp and hair roots.

How to wear Hair Toppers?

One of the great things about hair toppers is how easy they are to attach them to your hair.

Starting with:

1. Mono Hair Topper: 

  1. Start by brushing your hair topper using a paddle brush to make sure it is smooth.
  2. Then brush your hair thoroughly to make sure it is tangle free.
  3. Gently and lightly tease the hair around the thinning area on your head where the clips will be attached. This will allow the hair topper to attach to your hair and have a more secure hold for all day long wear.
  4. Place the hair topper over the area you want to apply it on, pulling it either closer or further from your hairline, depending if you want your natural hair line to show or if you want to apply the hair topper on it directly to conceal it.
  5. Secure the clips in place, and lightly press on them to hold the hair topper in place.
  6. Brush the hair topper to blend it with your natural hair until it is undetectable.
  7. Style as preferred.

2. Pull Through Hair Topper 

  1. Before you start, brush both your hair and hair topper to make sure they are tangle-free.
  2. Tease your natural hair gently where the hair clips will be attached. This will make the hold more secure.
  3. Place your topper over where you want to add coverage.
  4. Secure the first clip into your hair by lightly pressing on it. Continue doing so with the rest of the clips.
  5. After making sure the topper is secure in place, now you need to pull your natural hair through the topper.
  6. Using either your finger or a tail comb, pull your natural hair through the holes on the topper, to blend them with the Remy hair on the topper. 
  7. Make sure you pull enough of your natural hair through the hole for a complete coverage and natural finish.
  8. You can style your hair and hair topper your preferred way.

3. Silk Top Hair Topper 

  1. Before putting on your hair topper, make sure it is smooth and tangle-free by brushing it out.
  2. Open the clip in pieces on the underside of the topper.
  3. Place the topper on your head where you want to add coverage and length.
  4. Once the hair topper is positioned where you want it to be, secure the front piece of the clip on by closing it to prevent it from moving.
  5. Repeat the same step on the other two pieces of the clip on both sides of the topper.
  6. Once you are satisfied with the application, go ahead and thoroughly brush the hair topper and your hair to allow them to blend in.
  7. You can now style your hair and human hair topper in your desired way. You can straighten it or curl it. It is advised to blow-dry the topper before you apply it on your head, to prevent it from getting pulled during the blow-drying process.

Are Hair Toppers Better Than wigs?

When it comes down to choosing between hair toppers or wigs, it can be a little overwhelming, especially if you are a first time buyer.

Hair toppers are a great option to help cover up partial baldness and thinning hair. They are lightweight and blend in perfectly with your own hair. Wigs, on the other hand, cover your entire head as they are used to provide total coverage for complete hair loss, severe cases of alopecia, and chemo.

There is no right or wrong when it comes down to choosing between Hair Toppers vs. Wigs. It depends on your needs and what you want to achieve. 

Do you want assistance in choosing what option is best for you? Go ahead and contact us on WhatsApp to talk to one of our hair experts to help you choose and to answer all your questions.