Reasons why you should use hair toppers

With the increase in the number of people facing hair loss issues, particularly at the front of the head, ranging from thinning to complete loss, and its negative impact on the self-esteem of millions worldwide, many products and solutions have emerged to combat, resolve, or conceal this problem. One such solution is the natural hair toppers. It's considered a magical piece that helps restore lost volume and density to the frontal and crown areas comfortably and safely. In this article, we will delve into the uses of a hair toppers for addressing the issue of thinning and hair loss, as well as the reasons that might lead you to choose it over other options.

What is a Natural Hair Topper?

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The term "hair topper" refers to a hairpiece designed primarily to cover up thinning or lost hair at the front or top of the head. These natural hair toppers, like those offered by Zen Hair, are made from 100% real hair and come in various sizes and multiple colors to suit different needs. Installing and using a hair topper is incredibly easy, and you can do it at home without the need to visit a hair salon. They come with hair clips to secure them and seamlessly blend with your natural hair, ensuring a secure hold in all situations.

The Top 6 Reasons You Should Consider Using a Natural Hair Topper from Zen Hair

If you're dealing with issues like thinning or hair loss, especially at the front of your head due to a medical condition or genetics, or if you want to add more volume to enhance your hair's beauty and style versatility, a hair topper is precisely what you need. Unlike full wigs that cover the entire head, a hair topper is designed to cover specific areas of the head to suit different preferences. However, that's not the only reason why you might consider acquiring a hair topper from Zen Hair. We've compiled a list of the top 6 reasons that will undoubtedly push you to use a hair topper, as follows:

1. Instant and Perfect Coverage

Despite its smaller size compared to full wigs, a hair topper provides instant and perfect coverage, making a significant difference in your appearance. This makes it a great addition for those looking to conceal baldness and hair thinning at the front of the head quickly and safely.

2. Comfortable and Flexible

Wearing a hair topper is extremely comfortable, thanks to its smaller size and lightweight design. It offers flexibility in usage due to its easy attachment and removal method. All you need to do is install the piece at the front of your head to change your look anytime, no matter the occasion.

3. Lightweight and Refreshing

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Some wearers of full wigs often complain about the high heat they generate, especially in summer. On the contrary, a hair topper is refreshing and comfortable. It allows your scalp to breathe while maintaining a cool temperature. Plus, its small size and lightweight design make it virtually undetectable on your head.

4. Natural and Attractive Appearance

A hair topper provides an unbelievably realistic and natural look. It can be virtually indistinguishable from your real hair, allowing you the freedom to style it in any way you desire, and this is a significant advantage that contributes to a more authentic appearance.

5. Increased Volume and Density

As mentioned earlier, a hair topper not only conceals signs of thinning and hair loss at the front and crown of your head but is also ideal for those who want to add more volume and density to their hair. This helps enhance your overall look and achieve perfect hairstyles and appearances.

6. Cost-Effective

The cost of a hair topper is much lower compared to full wigs, making it a smart choice for those with budget constraints who are looking for partial coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions about Using a Hair Topper

Hair toppers come in various sizes and lengths to suit all hair types, providing perfect coverage at the top of the head. This has made them a popular and trendy choice in today's world compared to previous years. However, many questions persist about using a hair topper, and we've gathered some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers, as follows:

  • Which is better, a natural or synthetic hairline piece?

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The answer is straightforward: a hair topper is always the better choice. Toppers are crafted from the finest human hair, offering more versatility in terms of styling, color choices, and other attributes. They are also more durable when using heat styling tools and seamlessly blend with your real hair. In contrast, synthetic hairline pieces can never be a successful option due to their unnatural appearance, inability to withstand heat styling, and limited styling options.

  • Should I Use a Natural Hair Topper?

Determining whether a hair topper is suitable for you largely depends on the extent of hair thinning or loss in the specific area you're concerned about. While hair toppers come in various sizes and are designed to cover the frontal and crown areas, it's crucial to consider the degree of hair loss. If you've experienced significant hair loss, and a hair topper doesn't provide sufficient coverage, you may need to consider acquiring and installing a full wig as a better solution.

  • How Do I Choose the Right Hair Topper?

Selecting the most suitable hair topper involves several factors. Zin Hair, as the best platform for selling natural hair in Saudi Arabia, offers guidance on choosing the right one for you. Here are the essential tips to help you select the perfect hair topper:

  1. Measure the extent of your hair loss to ensure you get a hair topper that covers the affected area well.
  2. Add an inch to your measurements because the hairline piece should be slightly wider than your hair loss area to securely attach to healthy hair.
  3. Choose the type of base for your hair topper, such as lace, silk, monofilament, or others, based on your natural hair type and styling preferences.
  4. Consider the style and texture that complements your natural hair, whether it's wavy, curly, or straight, to ensure a seamless and cohesive look.
  5. Select a color for the hairline piece that closely matches or complements your natural hair color for a natural blend.
  • Will Wearing a Hair Topper Damage Real Hair?

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One of the significant concerns that many individuals have before using a hair topper is the fear of potential damage to their real hair. However, as experts in the field of natural hair sales, we assure you that a hair topper will never cause any harm to your real hair. In fact, it is one of the safest and most protective ways to conceal hair loss or add volume to the crown area.


We hope that the information you've gained today about hair toppers has been beneficial. If the reasons mentioned earlier have piqued your interest, we encourage you to explore this magical solution offered by the best platform for selling natural hair in Saudi Arabia, Zin Hair. You'll find a variety of sizes, styles, and colors to cater to all your needs and preferences.