7 myths about natural hair extensions - Directly from hair experts

When it comes to natural hair extensions, you'll certainly come across a lot of common myths that have no connection to the reality of natural hair extensions. These myths are widely circulated, so as specialists in the field of selling natural hair extensions, it's our responsibility to debunk these myths and set the record straight. We'll do this by gathering some of the most common and prevalent myths about hair extensions and providing expert insights from Zen Hair to prove their inaccuracy.

We want to emphasize that choosing to have permanent or temporary hair extensions is an extremely safe option. Their purpose is to enhance your appearance and add more allure and luxury to your look, rather than causing any damage.

The Top 7 Common Myths about Natural Hair Extensions

وصلات شعر طبيعي في الرياض شحن مجاني

Wearing natural hair extensions is both a unique and beautiful experience. However, making the decision to acquire natural hair extensions can be a challenge in itself. While browsing through specialized stores that sell natural hair extensions and other websites discussing the topics and advantages of natural hair extensions, you'll undoubtedly come across some myths and misconceptions that are widely circulated. This is why our experts at Zen Hair have compiled the most common of these myths, which might have given you an incorrect idea or perspective about using natural hair extensions. We're providing these myths along with the correct explanations to dispel these misconceptions, and here they are:

  • Myth 1: Natural hair extensions make real hair fall out

The misconception that hair extensions, especially adhesive natural hair extensions, damage and cause real hair to fall out is one of the most prevalent myths. This myth encompasses all types of natural hair extensions, whether you opt for permanent or temporary ones. You may have been warned about the potential dangers of natural hair extensions to the health of your real hair. According to this myth, hair extensions will make your real hair fall out, and wearing them increases the risk of developing bald patches.

Expert Opinion from Zen Hair: According to experts, natural hair extensions can never damage or make real hair fall out. All you need to do is have them installed correctly by a professional hair extension technician, who will apply natural hair extensions in a way that ensures your comfort and the health of your scalp. By doing so, you'll have attractive and healthy hair without any harm.

  • Myth 2: Natural hair extensions are difficult to maintain

Another common myth surrounding natural hair extensions is that they are challenging to take care of. According to this myth, you need to visit a hairstylist every day to style and maintain your natural hair extensions, and you can't create any hairstyle without professional assistance.

Expert Opinion from Zen Hair: While it's true that natural hair extensions require care to maintain their vibrant and healthy appearance, taking care of them is not a daunting task. You will receive recommendations for combing and cleaning your natural hair extensions when you acquire them, but these instructions will be easy and straightforward. You won't need to visit a hairstylist daily; instead, you'll only need occasional professional help (approximately every two months) for maintenance and to ensure the stability of your natural hair extensions, especially if you choose to install permanent extensions.

  • Myth 3: Natural hair extensions don't blend with real hair

وصلات شعر طبيعي باللصق في السعودية

This is another common myth that often concerns those considering wearing natural hair extensions. People worry that natural hair extensions won't blend with their real hair and that they might be easily detectable, increasing the fear of many. However, the experts have a different perspective.

Expert Opinion from Zen Hair: This myth may apply to synthetic hair extensions, but natural hair extensions have a high capability to blend seamlessly with real hair. The variety of shapes and colors available in natural hair extensions gives you the freedom to choose a set that matches your hair type and color perfectly. Additionally, professional installation ensures that no one will notice you have anything extra on your hair or scalp.

  • Myth 4: Natural hair extensions cause headaches

وصلات شعر طبيعي طويلة في الرياض

According to this myth, natural hair extensions are said to add significant weight and pressure to your head, which your scalp cannot withstand, leading to headaches while wearing them.

Expert Opinion from Zen Hair: It's true that natural hair extensions add some weight to your head, but it won't be substantial. Natural hair extensions are specifically designed to be lightweight and comfortable to prevent putting undue pressure on your scalp. The first time you wear them, you may feel their presence, but as you get used to them, you won't notice them at all.

  • Myth 5: Natural hair extensions tangle excessively

The fifth myth suggests that natural hair extensions tangle more than regular hair, causing you to struggle with knots and tangles when wearing them.

Expert Opinion from Zen Hair: It can't be said that hair extensions never tangle, but the degree of tangling depends primarily on their quality. High-quality natural hair extensions have minimal and manageable tangling, which you can easily comb out with a brush or even your fingers. On the other hand, low-quality natural hair extensions or synthetic extensions are more prone to tangling and can be a significant challenge to detangle.

  • Myth 6: Natural hair extensions are prohibitively expensive

أفضل وصلات شعر طبيعي 100% في السعودية مع شحن مجاني

A common misconception about natural hair extensions is that they are extremely costly and reserved for the wealthy and celebrities.

Expert Opinion from Zen Hair: Fortunately, natural hair extensions are now accessible to everyone, and their prices are reasonable and suitable for various budget ranges. All you need to do is search for reputable and leading sources in the field, such as Zen Hair, to obtain the highest quality natural hair extensions at the right place.

  • Myth 7: Natural hair extensions are made from the hair of the deceased

This rather frightening myth claims that natural hair extensions are made from human hair taken from the heads of deceased individuals.

Expert Opinion from Zen Hair: In reality, we have no idea where this myth originated, but it couldn't be further from the truth. Natural hair extensions are assembled from the hair of living individuals who either donate or sell their hair. Each time you see natural hair extensions, rest assured that the hair in them is sourced from living people, and you shouldn't believe this terrifying rumor about hair extensions.

In summary, natural hair extensions are not just for adornment; they can also help build your self-confidence or address hair loss issues. As specialists in the field of selling natural hair extensions, we advise you not to be swayed by misconceptions and common myths when deciding to acquire natural hair extensions. Consult experts to answer all your questions and determine what suits you best, so you can enjoy the hair you've always dreamed of without any worries.