The most beautiful colors of natural hair extensions in 2023

وصلات شعر طبيعي في الرياض شحن مجاني

With every Oscars awards ceremony, we witness numerous captivating and mesmerizing appearances. The secret behind these looks often lies in the allure and elegance of hair. On the 13th of March last year, the red carpet was distinguished by striking hair colors, drawing attention to the idea of hair dye and color change. Many people now rely on natural hair extensions to achieve this color transformation, avoiding damage to their natural hair. To discover the latest and most beautiful natural hair extension colors for 2023, we invite you to read this article to the end.

List of the Latest and Most Beautiful Natural Hair Extension Colors for 2023

وصلات شعر طبيعي طويلة في السعودية بالاقساط

Vibrant and bold colors are the prevailing trend this year, and we encourage every lady not to hesitate in trying different bright and eye-catching colors if she desires to do so. If you wish to experiment with a new color while preserving the health of your natural hair, we recommend using natural hair extensions to achieve your desired look. These extensions, made from the finest quality Remy human hair, can be treated just like your natural hair, giving you the freedom to experiment with a wide range of colors that suit your taste and needs. This enables you to dye them and obtain the exact color you desire, even if it's not readily available in the market.

That's why, at Zan Hair, we've compiled a list of the most beautiful and latest natural hair extension colors for 2023 to make it easier for you to discover and choose the best in the world of hair fashion. In our list of the most beautiful natural hair extension colors, you'll find:

  1. Natural hair extensions with holographic colors

أفضل وصلات شعر طبيعي في الرياض

At the top of our list are natural hair extensions with holographic colors, which truly resemble the colors of a CD when light is directed at them. In these natural hair extensions with holographic colors, you'll see various shades of blue, yellow, green, and purple.

If you can't find natural hair extensions in this specific color, you can purchase blonde-based extensions and achieve this color. However, coloring the blonde hair extensions should be done by a skilled professional to achieve the best results. Natural hair extensions with holographic colors go well with various hair styles, but waves or a ponytail hairstyle can make the color shades appear exceptionally luxurious.

  1. Natural hair extensions with a golden-pink hue

وصلات شعر طبيعي زهري في الرياض

    The golden hair color with hints of pink has always been popular and continues to be in vogue. Throughout 2023, we've seen a substantial demand for natural hair extensions with a golden-pink hue. The pink strands in this mix also complement brown hair. So, you can acquire pink hair extensions and blend them with your blonde or brown hair to achieve this distinctive color. It's a color that greatly suits the holiday season and summer looks, so don't hesitate to get hair extensions that match your real hair type and color to shine in your upcoming summer Instagram pictures.

    1. Natural hair extensions in Peekaboo colors

    أفضل وصلات شعر طبيعي في السعودية بالأقساط

    Peekaboo colors are known for their ability to infuse vibrant, lively shades into otherwise ordinary-looking hair. If you're a fan of Peekaboo colors but don't want to damage your natural hair, take a look at the natural hair extensions in Peekaboo colors offered by "Zan Hair." These extensions are made entirely from 100% natural Remy hair, giving you complete freedom to style and curl them to achieve any look and appearance you prefer.

    1. Copper-toned natural hair extensions in Riyadh

    وصلات شعر طبيعي لون نحاسي في الرياض

    The vibrant copper hue always catches the eye. Who doesn't love having a fiery color to dazzle at all times? This color is available in various types of natural hair extensions, whether permanent or temporary. So, the options are abundant to cater to your preferences, needs, and even your budget. As a piece of advice from experts at the best site for selling natural hair in Saudi Arabia and the Arab region, make sure to use shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for copper-colored hair to maintain the color of your natural hair extensions for extended periods.

    1. Natural hair extensions in sandy blonde (sandy blonde)

    وصلات شعر طبيعي في السعودية

    We all know that what distinguishes sandy blonde is its intensity, and in 2023, this color has been updated to appear less yellow, leaning more towards what we might call an "icy" shade. Achieving this sandy blonde color typically requires a lot of bleaching, which can damage your natural hair. That's why natural hair extensions make for a perfect alternative to achieving this bold and distinctive look without compromising the health of your natural hair.

    1. Natural hair extensions in geode colors

    وصلات شعر طبيعي طويل في الرياض

    Geode colors are among the most beautiful shades you can achieve, making your hair look like precious gemstones. The good news is that achieving this color doesn't require extensive bleaching, making the process of obtaining natural hair extensions in geode colors much gentler on your hair than other options.

    1. Natural hair extensions in smoky lilac

    وصلات شعر طبيعي بالاقساط في السعودية

    The smoky lilac color is a mix of purple, dark gray, and muted lavender. You can enhance this color with braided hairstyles, making it ideal for your summer look. We recommend getting natural hair extensions in the smoky lilac shade to achieve the desired color and the necessary length for a distinctive summer appearance.

    1. Natural hair extensions in pastel pink

    وصلات شعر طبيعي في الرياض

    Pastel pink is an extremely feminine and fun color, popular among the younger and teenage crowd. Achieving this color requires several stages of dyeing, which can leave your hair vulnerable to damage. You can opt for natural hair extensions in pastel pink if available, or acquire light-colored extensions to easily achieve this look. However, it's essential to have a professional handle the dyeing and coloring process for natural hair extensions to prevent any damage. This color pairs well with a front bun hairstyle, which you can easily achieve with front hair clip-ins from Zan Hair without the need to cut any strands of your natural hair.

    Tips for Caring for the Color of Natural Hair Extensions

    When you get a new hair color, you'll need to take good care of it to maintain the vibrancy of the new shade. The same goes for natural hair extensions. If you've acquired natural hair extensions in an attractive color, it's essential to follow a specialized routine for color care. As a website specializing in selling natural hair extensions, we'll provide you with simple habits and crucial tips to help preserve the color of your new hair extensions. Here are the tips:

    • Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to clean your hair extensions without stripping them of their color.
    • Avoid using extremely hot water when washing as high heat can cause the color of your natural hair extensions to fade. Instead, use lukewarm water.
    • Let your natural hair extensions air dry naturally, as excessive heat from styling tools can damage the extensions and cause the color to fade.
    • Opt for a sun hat in your summer looks, as prolonged exposure to sunlight can lead to lightening, fading, and color dulling.

    In conclusion, changing your look by adopting new and distinctive colors is truly an experience worth exploring. Natural hair extensions from Zan Hair eliminate the need to dye your natural hair, preventing potential damage. So, there's no need to hesitate. Choose the color that suits you from our list to stand out with a look that rivals that of the red carpet celebrities.