7 Amazing Benefits Of Head Massages - Get Longer & Ticker Hair

Scalp massage, also known as head massage, significantly contributes to improving hair growth and health due to its great benefits in stimulating blood circulation to the hair follicles. In this article, we'll shed light on the importance of scalp massage for your hair health, techniques for massaging, and other essential points. We'll highlight several reasons why you should consider adding scalp massage to your personal health routine for the well-being of your hair.

Scalp Massage: Experiments and Research

In 2016, a study was conducted on nine men over a 24-week period. They received daily scalp massages using a scalp massaging device. At the end of the study, researchers found that all of these men experienced increased hair density.

Furthermore, a more recent study in 2019 involved approximately 300 individuals who followed a scalp massage routine twice daily. According to their responses in a survey distributed after the study, nearly 70% of these individuals reported the benefits of the scalp massage system. This was evident through a noticeable improvement in hair density and a reduction in hair loss.

What Is Scalp Massage?

Have you ever experienced the delightful sensation that a head massage can provide?

Massage is a healthy practice that involves localized massages of the scalp to improve blood circulation, reduce tension, stimulate hair growth, and protect against hair loss. It's much like when you've felt painful knots in your back muscles due to a tiring day, and you've turned to massage to ease your discomfort.

Scalp massage, however, doesn't require anything other than your hands and gentle finger movements across your scalp.

Don't underestimate the importance of scalp massages; they are just as vital as massages for your back or tired body muscles. This is especially true for the muscles located in the head area, where stress often accumulates. This tension can build up behind your ears, along your hairline, and in your neck due to the stress and fatigue you experience in your daily life. We often overlook this area, holding onto tension in the muscles around your head. One of the largest muscles in this area is the temporal muscle, which extends from behind your ear, around your head, and down to your neck. Therefore, scalp massage provides relaxation and relief to these muscles by gently massaging your head with your fingertips.

You might be wondering about the correct way to perform a scalp massage and if you can do it yourself without the need for a specialist or expert.

How to Do A Proper Scalp Massage

You can easily perform a scalp massage at home in just a few minutes with very simple steps. I'll explain the process in detail, and you can also rely on a scalp massaging tool.

مساج الراس في السعودية

Let's go through the steps of a delightful head massage that you can try:

Steps for Scalp Massage

مساج الراس في الرياض
  1. Begin by applying warm oil to your scalp with your fingertips, and start by gently running your fingers through your hair to remove any tangles and knots.
  2. Move your fingertips directly onto your scalp, just below your hair.
  3. Gently move your fingertips in circular motions on your entire scalp to stimulate it.
  4. Gradually move your fingers downward along your hairline until you reach your neck, where you can start massaging it as well since all the muscles in this area are interconnected. Continue massaging for a few minutes until you feel relaxed.
  5. Don't wash the oil out of your hair immediately after the scalp massage. Leave it on your scalp for just one hour.
  6. Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo, and you can skip using chemical conditioners if you've used oil in your scalp massage.
  7. Repeat this process twice a week.

As mentioned earlier, you can also use a scalp massaging device designed for use during showers. You can use this device with your favorite oils. The scalp massaging device comes in the form of brushes or soft rubber massagers, and you can use it to massage your scalp in the same way you would use your fingers.

Recommended Oils for Scalp Massage

زيوت لمساج الرأس
  1. Ayurvedic Oils: These prevent hair loss, scalp itchiness, dandruff, and premature graying. Their benefits extend beyond the physical to reduce stress, insomnia, and headaches.
  2. Coconut Oil: It maintains hair shine, reduces damage, strengthens hair, and promotes healthy hair growth.
  3. Jojoba Oil: It helps moisturize and treat hair loss, thanks to its vitamin E, vitamin B, selenium content, and antibacterial properties.
  4. Olive Oil: Protects against hair loss with its vitamin E content, treats split ends, moisturizes dry hair, and maintains the hair's natural keratin levels.
  5. Carrot Oil: It hydrates the scalp, prevents hair loss, and stimulates hair follicle growth.

Are Scalp Massages Really Beneficial?

Yes, scalp massages offer a plethora of benefits, and when you make them a regular part of your daily routine, you'll be amazed by the results. Whether you apply them in a traditional way using your fingertips or utilize a scalp massaging device, the advantages are impressive. Let me summarize the most important benefits for you.

Benefits of Scalp Massage:

1. Increased Hair Thickness: 

Research shows that scalp massages stimulate the expansion of dermal cells in the tissues beneath the skin, contributing to hair thickness by tightening hair follicle cells. This, in turn, encourages the follicles to produce denser hair.

2. Enhanced Blood Circulation:

When your scalp is "tight" due to stress, it tenses the head muscles, obstructs blood flow, and hampers hair growth. Scalp massage encourages proper blood flow to the area, bringing oxygen and healthy nutrients to your hair.

3. Stress Relief:

Who among us hasn't felt anxiety and tension? This often manifests in the muscles throughout our body, including the head muscles, which can tense up due to stress. Scalp massage is an effective way to reduce this muscle tension, nerve tightness, and headaches. The process is easy to perform manually or with a scalp massaging tool and only takes a few minutes.

4. Hydration and Moisturization

Scalp massage helps to prevent flaking and dryness of the scalp, eliminating the need for harsh chemical shampoos.

5. Hair Growth:

Can scalp massage really aid hair growth? Indeed, it can. By massaging, you activate blood flow, delivering oxygen and nourishing substances to the hair follicles. This stimulates the hair follicles to grow and strengthens hair roots, nourishing existing hair and promoting new growth.

6. Headache Reduction and Dead Cell Removal:

Often, tension in the scalp is accompanied by pain and headaches. Regular massage can alleviate this discomfort. Additionally, scalp massage aids in removing dead cells and excess oils from the scalp, which can inhibit new hair growth.

7. Enhanced Shine and Vitality:

The distribution of natural oils during the massage smoothens and moisturizes the hair, making it easy to manage, and gives it a shiny and vibrant appearance.

In conclusion, is scalp massage suitable for all hair types?

As you've observed in this article, it's a healthy practice with excellent results that stimulate hair growth, prevent hair loss, and make your hair appear fantastic. Therefore, it's recommended for all hair types, given its positive results. So, start incorporating this routine into your daily life and enjoy healthy and beautiful hair.