How to choose the most suitable length for you when buying a natural hair wig

With the vast array of natural hair wigs and their diversity in our current times, catering to different tastes and needs, this variety can sometimes lead to significant confusion for any woman looking to make a purchase. This can make the process of selecting the right wig for women a difficult and complicated task. Here at Zan Hair, the best natural hair wig seller in Saudi Arabia, we understand that choosing the right length is of utmost importance to achieve a complete and elegant look. In this text, we will provide you with everything to help you choose a wig with the appropriate length without making any mistakes.

What is meant by the length of a natural hair wig?

Before we delve into the tips and factors that will help you choose and acquire a natural hair wig with the right length, let's first understand the concept of "wig length" and what it specifically refers to. Simply put, the length of a wig is measured from the roots of the front hairline to the ends, and natural hair wigs come in various lengths, typically ranging from 8 to 32 inches.

You can determine the length of any wig through the product description. However, the texture and styling of the wig can affect the appearance of its length, often causing confusion and leading many beginners to make the wrong choice. Therefore, we advise you to continue reading to learn more about the differences in length due to variations in the texture of natural hair wigs.

Differences in wig length based on texture

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The texture of a natural hair wig is one of the most important factors that can influence the length of the hair, especially when we talk about curly or wavy hair. There may be a misunderstanding for buyers based on the description, assuming that the hair is long, but in the end, they may be surprised by a natural wig that is far from what they expected. Here are the differences you may find between the length described in the product description and when wearing it, depending on the product's texture:

  • Natural Smooth or Straight Hair Wig for Women

You won't encounter any issues with length when choosing this type of natural hair wig. The reason is quite straightforward - straight hair doesn't have any twists or curls that can affect its length. So, rest assured that when selecting a natural straight hair wig, you'll get the exact length as described. If the wig is 18 inches long, you can be confident that the hair will flow straight down to the middle of your back.

  • Natural Wavy Hair Wig

As for natural wavy hair wigs, the hair might appear slightly shorter than its actual length because the length naturally contracts within those waves. However, the difference is generally not significant. If the product description mentions a hair length of 12 inches, you'll get a wig with hair that's about 11 inches long during wear.

  • Natural Curly Wig

The difference in hair length when acquiring a curly wig will be somewhat noticeable, as curly wigs may appear about 1 to 2 inches shorter than their actual length. So, due to the curling of the hair, if you purchase a natural hair wig with a length of 14 inches, it will measure between 12 to 13 inches during wear.

List of Common Lengths for Natural Hair Wigs

As mentioned earlier, natural hair wigs come in various lengths to cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Here, we will outline some of the most common measurements in the market, along with where the hair will approximately fall according to the mentioned lengths:

  • 8-Inch Natural Hair Wig

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This wig will have very short hair, reaching approximately chin length if it's straight. This length is ideal for women seeking comfort and a fresh look, especially during the summer.

  • 10-Inch Natural Hair Wig

This length is an excellent choice for women who love short hair, but not extremely short. In this wig, the hair will reach just above the collarbone if it's smooth and straight, and it might be slightly higher if it's wavy or curly.

  • 12-Inch Natural Hair Wig

This length might not be very suitable for hot weather. It's neither long enough to tie up nor too short to stay clear of the neck. A natural hair wig of this length will have its strands falling right at the collarbone if the hair is straight.

  • 14-Inch Natural Hair Wig

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This is categorized as a medium length and is one of the most popular choices. With this wig, you'll enjoy various styling options and attractive hair waves. The hair in natural hair wigs of this length will be around 14 inches, reaching just above the back bra strap.

  • 16-Inch Natural Hair Wig

This length goes well with almost any style. Choosing a 16-inch hair wig gives you the freedom to switch between various hairstyles and looks. The hair strands in this wig are approximately 16 inches long and reach almost to the chest when the hair is straight.

  • 18-Inch Natural Hair Wig

We're still in the medium-length category, and 18 inches is a favorite for many. In this wig, the hair strands will drape just below your shoulders, reaching the middle of your back approximately.

  • 20-Inch Natural Hair Wig for Women

This length is ideal for occasions and events when you want to shine without being bothered by long hair. The strands of this wig reach approximately waist-length when straight.

  • 22-Inch Natural Hair Wig

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This wig is suitable for ladies who want to draw attention to the length of their hair and create eye-catching and distinctive styles. The hair strands in this wig are longer than your waist but not quite long enough to sit on.

  • 24 to 32-Inch Natural Hair Wig

These wigs are impressively long, with hair draping to almost hip-length. They are typically worn by celebrities and actresses on the red carpet to capture the cameras' and onlookers' attention.

How to Choose the Right Length for a Natural Hair Wig?

Now that we've discussed the key aspects of different natural hair wig lengths, it's time to learn how to select the right wig length that suits you best. There are several factors to consider to make the right choice, and we'll highlight the most important ones:

  • Your Height: 

One of the crucial factors to pay attention to when purchasing a natural hair wig is your height. It should be well-proportioned with the length of the wig. For instance, if you are not very tall, opting for an extremely long wig, such as 24 to 32 inches, might make you appear shorter.

  • Face Shape:

When choosing the length of a hair wig, try to find one that complements the shape of your face. Slim faces often work well with various lengths. Rounded faces typically look great with medium to long lengths, ranging from 16 to 20 inches. Square faces can be beautifully accentuated with shorter hair lengths, around 8 to 10 inches.

  • Lifestyle:

Your lifestyle has a significant impact on the ideal wig length. If you lead an active lifestyle, consider shorter wig lengths as they're more manageable. Longer wigs may not be practical for everyday activities.

  • Hair Wig Density: 

To determine the right length, consider the density of the wig you are buying. Short, densely packed wigs can look bold, while long, thinly spaced wigs may appear less appealing. Ensure that the length matches the wig's density for a perfect and cohesive look.

In summary, selecting the appropriate wig length is just as important as choosing the finest texture and hair quality. The right texture and length will grant you the perfect hair appearance you've always dreamed of.