How do you curl natural hair extensions and get the wavy look?

We often resort to making various changes to our outward appearance, which gives us more radiance and the confidence we strive for every day. One of the most important aspects of these changes is altering our hair's style or hairstyle, and using hair extensions, whether natural or artificial, has gained widespread popularity among those who love to transform and renew their hair.
Achieving wavy or curly hair has become a prevalent desire among many hair extension users, perhaps because the look of voluminous, full hair is highly appealing. Therefore, it's the ideal choice for those who struggle with fine or weak hair. In this article, we'll take you on an exciting journey to learn everything you need to know about how to curl natural hair extensions, whether you desire wavy or curly, and how to maintain them to ensure they last as long as possible.

Ensure you use heat-resistant natural hair extensions:

If you're planning to change your hairstyle by styling your hair extensions for a wavy or curly look, you need to be aware that you'll be using styling tools that rely on high temperatures. Therefore, you must exercise extreme caution. Hair extensions made from 100% natural hair have the ability to withstand high temperatures during styling.
However, if you're using synthetic hair extensions, you should not risk using heat styling tools on them without confirming their heat resistance. If they can't handle high temperatures, it will inevitably lead to the destruction of your extensions, resulting in loss and damage. So, first, ensure that your hair extensions are of the heat-resistant type. In any case, you should not exceed a temperature of 170 degrees Celsius. We always recommend purchasing or using natural hair extensions, which you can obtain from Zan Hair's store. Follow the next steps to achieve fabulous wavy hair with simple and easy techniques.

5 Steps to Curling Natural Hair Extensions for a Wavy Look

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Unlike natural hair that you can style directly with a hair straightener to achieve wavy curls effortlessly, hair extensions require some preparation before you secure them for the perfect and satisfying result.

1. Step One: Start by using a wide-tooth comb or a dedicated hairbrush for detangling natural hair extensions. When using a hair straightener, make sure the temperature ranges between 120 to 170 degrees Celsius, especially if your extensions are of the synthetic kind. Exceeding the allowed temperature limit might cause the fibers to melt and damage them, so be cautious.

2. Step Two: Prepare your hair extensions for styling, ensuring not to curl the strands before securing them. You can prepare for this step using a hair extensions holder, a Styrofoam head, and hairpins. Securing the extensions allows you to curl the hair safely and more professionally.

3. Step Three: Heat up your hair straightener or curling iron to the appropriate temperature, then wrap small sections of natural hair extensions around the styling tool, holding them for about 5 to 10 seconds.

4. Step Four: Gently remove the curling wand and keep the curled hair in place until it cools. This step is crucial to ensure that your hair extensions stay in place while maintaining their wavy shape. Repeating these steps in sequence and regularly will guarantee a lustrous appearance and beautifully curled hair extensions.

5. Step Five: You can use a specialized hair extensions setting spray, avoiding regular setting spray, which may cause damage to the hair extensions. Ensure you use heat-protecting hair products to prolong the lifespan of your extensions and maintain their radiant appearance for months to come.

How to Maintain Natural Wavy Hair Extensions for the Longest Possible Duration

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Make sure to have all your styling tools nearby before you start, as you'll likely need curling tongs, hairpins, and hair serum or setting spray. Start by adopting the steps for achieving wonderful, long-lasting wavy hair.
  1. Apply a small amount of hair curling cream or hair mousse to define your hair strands clearly and provide them with extra smoothness, ensuring the desired hold.
  2. Curl the strands of your hair extensions one by one around a curling iron, avoiding the use of plastic rollers. This will enable you to curl all your hair strands in just a few minutes. It's best to use a 24mm curling iron with a ceramic heating disc for creating gentle waves. Release your hair from the curling iron, and you'll find you've achieved impressively curled hair.
  3. Rotate the curled strand around your finger and secure it with a dedicated hairpin. Continue this process with the remaining strands. It's better to keep them secured this way as long as possible, preferably overnight, to ensure long-lasting wavy hair and curled hair extensions without any issues.
  4. On the next day, after a full night of securing your hair extensions with hairpins, repeat the previous steps in the same order. Use hair mousse or hair serum designed for curling your hair, and then use the curling iron and tongs on the pre-divided strands. Secure the curled hair to your scalp until it cools completely, then release it.
  5. Finally, remove the hairpins used to secure your curled extensions. After that, comb your hair and blend your natural hair with the wavy extensions. Avoid using strong-hold hair spray as much as possible to prevent the extensions from sticking or tangling. Instead, opt for a lightweight, suitable hair spray that effectively serves the purpose.

In conclusion, achieving an attractive and distinct look that differs from your usual appearance is a desire we often pursue to gain more confidence and vitality. The beauty of your hair is an integral part of your overall appearance, and using hair extensions and caring for them has become a priority for many in pursuit of a change and a bright look with minimal effort. The charm of wavy hair is something that can be easily achieved with hair extensions, as it exudes strength and vitality. Therefore, for the sake of enjoying long-lasting wavy hair, simply ensure you follow all the steps and instructions carefully, and you'll undoubtedly achieve your desired result.