Natural hair wig with lace front or full lace, what is the difference, and how do I choose?

If you're considering getting a wig or already have one, it's essential to know about the various types, how to use them, and how to take care of them. For those of you using natural hair wigs, we congratulate you on your wise choice. Using a natural hair wig offers many advantages because it mimics the qualities of real hair, making it safer and more natural.

However, when it comes to the different types of wigs, especially lace front wigs and full lace wigs, it can be a bit perplexing, particularly if you haven't used a natural hair wig before. Comparing them can be challenging. But don't worry; in this article, we'll provide you with comprehensive answers to help you understand each type, their key features, and which one might suit you best. This will ensure you feel confident and comfortable, maintaining a dazzling look all the time.

Firstly, the full lace natural hair wig:

This wig is entirely made from lace, giving it flexibility and a unique, natural appearance. It ensures a secure and natural look at any hair parting. The lace base is exceptionally delicate, which allows the hair to be hand-tied and sewn onto it to maintain its quality. The lace also provides ventilation and breathability for your scalp and hair. Even though it's made of delicate lace, it's durable and can withstand activities like sports and swimming.

Considering its numerous advantages and flexibility, a full lace natural hair wig tends to be more expensive compared to other available wig types. We recommend trying a full lace Brazilian natural hair wig due to its outstanding features, making it a confident and happy choice.

Secondly: Lace Front Natural Hair Wig

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A lace front natural hair wig is a type where the lace layer is limited to the front part of the head, extending about 3 inches from the hairline. This design allows for a natural appearance when it comes to parting and the visibility of the hairline. However, it may not look as good when viewed from the back, away from the lace, where the hair is attached to a mesh base automatically. This makes lace front wigs more affordable and less expensive compared to full lace wigs. They are also easier to use, especially for those new to wearing wigs.

Lace front wigs are generally lighter in weight and less durable than their full lace counterparts. They also have the advantage of creating a denser and thicker appearance of hair from the back.

Which is better, a full lace natural hair wig or a lace front wig, and how do I choose?

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After learning about each type and their distinctive features, the most important question now is: which one is better for me, a full lace natural hair wig or a lace front wig? How do I make the choice that suits me, meets my needs, and complements my lifestyle, ensuring the best wig-wearing experience? You can make your decision based on the following factors:

  1. Material: The key difference between the two types is that a full lace natural hair wig is entirely made from delicate lace, while a lace front wig only has lace at the front, typically extending about 3 inches from the hairline. This allows for a natural look at the front but may not look as good when viewed from the back. Lace front wigs are more affordable due to the use of thicker materials at the back.
  2. Price: Full lace wigs tend to be pricier because they come with numerous benefits and features.
  3. Natural Appearance: Full lace wigs provide a more natural appearance, as they offer complete freedom in parting the hair from any angle, both in the front and at the back. Lace front wigs, on the other hand, have limitations in terms of parting and may appear more natural only at the front of the hairline.
  4. Durability and Maintenance: Full lace wigs are generally more durable, but both types require proper care and maintenance to last for a period ranging from 6 to 12 months, depending on usage and care.
  5. Application Method: Lace front wigs are attached to the front of the head, while the rest of the wig is secured with the appropriate method. In contrast, full lace wigs may require an additional head cover to secure the hair and avoid irritation to the scalp during wear.
  6. Ventilation: Full lace wigs offer better ventilation and breathability for both your hair and scalp, as they are entirely made from lightweight lace. However, some people may find it uncomfortable to wear a cap underneath them.
  7. Density and Volume: If you're looking for extra hair density and volume, lace front wigs are a better choice. The lace front section is thicker and allows for a high-density appearance.

And if you still find yourself unsure, dear, you can easily ask yourself a set of questions that will undoubtedly lead you to the right choice with confidence and security:

  • What's my preferred hairstyle or way of styling my hair? Do I want to part my hair from the front, or do I prefer parting from different angles?
  • How important is the breathability of the wig for both my hair and scalp?
  • Have I worn a wig before, and how confident do I feel about it?
  • What level of durability do I need from a natural hair wig?
  • What is my lifestyle like, and what are the most significant activities I engage in? Is my life more active and bustling, or is it calm and serene?

In summary, you can turn to using a natural hair wig, which will give you a fresh, enchanting, and distinct look with more vitality and beauty. Therefore, you must know which type of wig may suit you and make you look more beautiful. You have two options, each with its own advantages: a lace front natural hair wig and a full lace natural hair wig. You can find both at Zen Hair Shop, where you can get the best natural hair wig experience in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, allowing you to make the best choice that fits your lifestyle and boosts your confidence and security.