9 different ways to use hair extensions

It's no secret to many people that most celebrities and film stars, both in the Arab and foreign cinema, rely heavily on hair extensions or hair weaves to achieve longer hair, especially if their natural hair is short. But have you ever considered trying out a hair weave? Before delving into the topic, it's essential to know that choosing high-quality extensions that match your natural hair is crucial for a more attractive and natural appearance. Before we proceed, let's highlight some important points about hair weaves or hair extensions.

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are essentially wefts or strands of natural hair, available in various colors, that are attached near the roots of your hair. They provide added length and thickness to your hair, allowing you to achieve those long hairstyles you've been dreaming of, even if you have short hair.

Types of hair extensions

Hair weaves or extensions come in various types to suit different hair textures. Some are made from 100% natural hair and can be washed and styled just like your own hair. Others are synthetic and cannot be treated the same way as natural hair; they can't be dyed, and not all heat styling tools can be used on them because heat can cause damage. There are two main types:

1. Clip In hair extensions: These are installed in natural hair using clips attached to the hair wefts. They can be easily removed after use and come in various styles. Many women opt for these for special occasions and events.

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2. Permanent hair extensions: These extensions are installed with a safe medical adhesive on your natural hair, providing both length and thickness to your hair.

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9 Ways to Use Hair Extensions

1. Lengthen Your Hair

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One of the primary and most crucial benefits of using hair extensions is achieving excellent hair length, like that of a shimmering mermaid. Many women use hair weaves to extend their hair, especially if they're dealing with shorter hair.

2. Add Thickness to Your Hair

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If your hair is on the thinner side and you desire more volume, simply add some temporary clip-in hair extensions or permanent adhesive hair weaves. These extensions will give your hair the desired thickness, providing texture and dimension. You can choose the length of hair extensions that suits you or select long wefts and have them cut to your preference by a hairstylist.

3. Create Different Hair Braids

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With hair extensions, you can create thick and robust hair braids that you've longed for. Using hair weaves, you can achieve braids stronger than you might expect. This allows you to style your braids in various lengths and sizes, whether you prefer them short, long, or voluminous.

4. Add Color to Your Hair

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Naturally, you may want to change your hair color or achieve a new look, such as ombre or highlights, without subjecting your hair to damaging dye. With hair extensions, you can easily add the color you desire without harming your natural hair. Hair weaves are available in various trendy colors for you to choose from and achieve your desired look.

5. Adding Hair Accessories

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Install your extensions and adorn them with accessories, wraps, or lightweight scarves to achieve an attractive and elegant look. This method is highly suitable for brides, weddings, and special events, as it beautifully showcases the accessories to everyone who sees you.

6. Lengthening Your Ponytail Hairstyle

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Many women struggle with the shortness of their hair, particularly at the back, which can make creating a long ponytail hairstyle challenging. If you desire a long ponytail, use hair extensions to appear alluring and confident with your hair flowing.

7. Experimenting with Different Hairstyles

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Hair extensions offer endless styling possibilities when combined with your natural hair. You can create and add various hairstyles to your repertoire, giving you a unique and eye-catching appearance.

8. Concealing Damage and Issues

Natural hair extensions can effectively conceal any damage or issues your hair may have, such as split ends, constant tangling, damage from heat or chemicals, or post-pregnancy hair problems. Many women opt for hair weaves to hide these hair concerns they'd rather keep hidden.

9. Transforming Your Overall Look

Hair extensions provide you with a stunning transformation in every situation. They offer a complete change to your hair, especially if you've grown tired of your daily hair routine. Through extensions, you can experiment with different cuts, styles, colors, and dyes that suit your natural look.

  • How many hair extensions do I need for a full head?

The actual quantity of hair extensions needed can vary from person to person. It depends on your individual preferences and the natural thickness and volume of your hair. Adding too many extensions can make your hair heavy and uncomfortable. It's best to consult with your hairstylist to determine the type and number of extensions that will suit you best.

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  • Do hair extensions really promote fast natural hair growth?

Hair extensions can indirectly aid in the growth of your natural hair. They act as a protective barrier for your hair, preventing constant manipulation and combing that can lead to breakage or the use of harmful chemicals on your natural hair.

  • Will hair extensions look natural on my hair?

Yes, absolutely. Hair extensions made from 100% natural human hair, especially Remy extensions, seamlessly blend with your hair, providing an incredibly natural appearance, as if it were your own hair. It's essential to ensure that the extensions you choose are of high quality. While they may be a bit more expensive compared to synthetic extensions, they last longer with proper care.

  • Do hair extensions have any drawbacks?

As long as you follow the correct care routine for your hair extensions, there are no inherent risks. However, excessive styling can lead to frizz and damage. Therefore, it's crucial to follow a specific care routine to maintain the quality and appearance of your extensions.

In Summary:

Many women still shy away from hair extensions due to misconceptions about their potential harm to hair and scalp. However, it's crucial to understand that hair extension technology is designed to be safe when used properly. If you do a little research on our website, Zan Hair, which specializes in selling natural hair extensions in Saudi Arabia and worldwide, you can easily find a wide range of safe and high-quality hair extension options in the market that are gentle on your scalp and hair.