Top 6 tips from hair experts when buying a natural hair wig in 2023

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Over the centuries, the trend of wearing hair wigs has witnessed numerous changes and fluctuations. In our present time, it has gained significant popularity worldwide among various segments of society. What was once reserved for nobility and the wealthy, natural hair wigs have now become accessible to all, thanks to advancements in this industry.

However, this evolution has led to a multitude of options, making the task of acquiring a natural wig somewhat complex and puzzling. That's why today we're providing you with the most important tips from experts at Zen Hair, the best website for selling natural hair wigs, to help you make an informed choice when buying the best natural hair wig in 2023.

Key Expert Tips for Choosing the Best Natural Hair Wig in 2023

Throughout the centuries, bourgeois women didn't need much time to choose the most suitable natural hair wig because the options were simply not as abundant and diverse as they are in our time. Today, thanks to the development of the hair industry, we have an astonishing array of choices, making the selection of the most suitable wig a difficult and complicated decision that requires expert opinions to avoid making mistakes.

This is why the best website for selling natural hair wigs in Saudi Arabia is offering a set of tips to eliminate the confusion that often accompanies the purchasing process and help you acquire the best natural hair wig in 2023. Follow the following tips:

Tip 1: Determine the Reason for Buying a Hair Wig

Most women purchase a natural hair wig for two main reasons: either for medical or cosmetic purposes. Some women wear natural hair wigs purely for cosmetic reasons, while others opt for them for medical reasons. If your reason for wanting a hair wig is medical, you certainly need a high-quality natural wig that suits your health condition, ensuring it won't cause any unwanted reactions like allergies or irritation. This provides you with safety and complete comfort during use while maintaining a natural appearance that enhances your self-confidence. For those searching for a natural hair wig for cosmetic purposes, high-quality options will suit you perfectly.

Tip 2: Determine the Type and Quality of Materials

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Natural hair wigs are made from two different types of materials: synthetic fibers and real human hair. As the name suggests, a natural hair wig is entirely made from high-quality real human hair, offering a natural appearance. On the other hand, synthetic hair wigs are constructed from artificial fibers, and choosing the right type and quality of materials comes down to your preferences and lifestyle. The former boasts a completely natural look, making for unique appearances and easy maintenance. The latter, however, has an artificial appearance and is more challenging to maintain, making it less suitable for those with sensitive skin. Its primary advantage is its relatively lower cost.

Tip 3: Determine the Level of Hair Loss

If you're considering wearing a natural hair wig due to hair loss, it's important to assess the extent of your hair loss. Sometimes, you may not need a full wig, and all you'll require is a partial hairpiece. Natural hair wigs are used when there is extensive hair loss, while a natural hair front piece can be used if your hair loss is limited to the crown or the front of your head. These front pieces will cover the gaps in those areas naturally and provide a fuller appearance.

Tip 4: Choose the Right Wig Size

No matter how high-quality the wig you acquire is, it won't look natural if it's not the right size. Wigs come in standard sizes (small, medium, large). To choose the best natural hair wig in terms of size, you should accurately measure your head to determine the size that suits your needs. Some exclusive wigs, like those from Zan Hair, offer the flexibility to adjust the size to perfectly fit your head, ensuring a comfortable and well-fitting wig.

Tip 5: Choose the Right Base Type

When purchasing a natural hair wig, it's crucial to consider the wig base. Wigs come with various base types, and this is a significant factor contributing to the diversity of wigs available. There are three main types of wig bases, each suited to different needs:

  • Open Cap Wig (Also known as Flesh Cap Wig):

This type of base is cost-effective as it's made from durable, breathable, and stretchable material. It's easy to maintain and has good longevity. However, it may not appear entirely natural and might limit styling options.

  • Mono-Top Wig: 

The mono-top base is one of the best choices for high-quality natural hair wigs. It uses thin, lightweight materials that resemble mesh. This base is gentle, safe for sensitive skin, and offers excellent ventilation. Hair strands are individually hand-tied into the mono-top base, mimicking the look of real hair growth. This provides freedom for different designs and a remarkably natural appearance.

  • Lace Front Wig (Full Lace or Front Lace): 

Lace netting is used as the base for crafting natural hair wigs. It offers breathability, mimics the scalp color, and has a lightweight structure. Similar to mono-top wigs, hair strands are hand-tied into the lace base to create a highly realistic appearance. Lace bases can be categorized into two types:

  • Full Lace: The entire base is made from lace, providing maximum design versatility for both high and low hairstyles.
  • Front Lace: Only the front portion of the base is lace, limiting styling options to some extent.

Tip 6: Choose the Wig Color and Style Carefully

Selecting the right color and style for your wig may seem like an easy step, but many people make mistakes in this area. Not everything that looks beautiful will necessarily suit you. Some believe that owning a natural hair wig that looks completely different from their real hair and style is the right choice.

However, experts typically recommend opting for colors and styles that are close to your natural hair look. The reason is simple: a wig that closely matches your natural appearance will complement your skin tone better and appear more natural. If you want a wig that's drastically different from your real hair, it's advisable to try it first or seek personalized advice from a hair expert to make the best choice.

In summary, while there are numerous options when it comes to acquiring a natural hair wig, the experts from the best website for selling natural hair wigs have provided you with the most important tips to consider. These tips will help you purchase the best natural hair wig for 2023 that aligns with your needs and preferences.