How to make a wig look natural and real - 9 tips you should know

Some women who experience partial or complete hair loss turn to wearing hairpieces or wigs to boost their confidence. None of them wants their wig to look fake because it's easy for anyone to notice, causing frustration and anxiety.

In this article, we'll dispel the apprehensions that every woman considering wearing a wig might have. We'll address all your questions with helpful advice on how to make a wig look natural. By the time you finish reading this article, you'll feel confident taking your first steps outside with a wig that looks real, natural, and beautiful.

9 Useful Tips to Make Your Wig Look Natural and Comfortable

كيف أجعل الباروكة تبدو طبيعية

1. Choosing the Right Size Wig

Even though many wigs have adjustable straps, some come in different sizes. Before buying a natural wig for women, it's very helpful to measure your head to ensure you get the best-fitting wig.

But you might wonder, how do I measure my head?

It's simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Get a fabric measuring tape.
  2. Measure from your hairline on your forehead to the nape of your neck.
  3. Measure around the sides of your head, behind your ears, and around the nape.
  4. Measure from side to side across the back of your head.
  5. Measure from ear to ear over the top of your head, along your hairline.
  6. Measure across the back of your neck at the base of your hairline.

2. Look for High-Quality Hair:

One of the significant differences in wigs is the type of hair used. Synthetic wigs are made from polymers, which are chains of molecules. Natural hair wigs are made from human hair that has been processed to ensure durability. So, it's advisable to wear a natural wig because it blends with your natural hair, giving you a more realistic and natural look. You can also consult a hair expert at a beauty center to help you select a natural wig that suits your needs.

3. Buying a Natural Hair Wig with Lace Fronts

كيف أجعل الباروكة تبدو طبيعية

Many people prefer lace front wigs for their versatility and authenticity. Lace mimics the natural hairline, giving you a realistic look and allowing you to style the hair away from your face. Installing a lace front wig is easy and quick.

4. Shop from reputable websites for natural hair wigs

If you shop from deceptive retailers, you may end up with a fake or low-quality wig. To ensure you get a high-quality, natural wig, make sure to shop from a trusted hair store that sells branded wigs.

5. Apply makeup to your wig

Yes, you heard that right!

Makeup on your wig can make it look like natural hair. You can achieve this by using powder and concealer you already have. Here's how:

  1. Gently comb the hair along the hairline.
  2. Dab the concealer gently along the wig's hairline. You can use a makeup brush or your fingers to create a natural-looking hairline.

This will help blend the lace with your skin tone, hide harsh edges, and create a more natural appearance.

6. Search for a natural hair wig for women with  hand-tied caps.

What sets single strands apart is that each hair is individually hand-tied to a soft lace material. Finding a wig with a single-strand top is a surefire way to make the hairpiece look real.

The single-strand top is created by tying the hair individually to the netting in a part of the wig, giving it the appearance of natural hair growing from the scalp. This allows the hair to move freely, making it look natural and enabling you to part it in any style you desire. Wigs with hand-tied caps offer the same features, but the entire cap is hand-tied rather than just a section at the top, resulting in an extremely natural look that enhances the allure of your wig.

Lace is particularly gentle on the scalp because the transparent lace material used for hand-tying the hair is smoother than the upper part of the base wig cap.

7. Tweaking the Wig

If you want your wig to look as if it's your real hair at the front of your head, you should consider tweaking the hair along the wig part and hairline. Wigs can sometimes appear scattered and unnatural at the hairline. Tweaking the hairline gives it a more natural appearance.

Simply place the wig on your head or a wig stand to determine where the hairline should be based on your natural hairline (no need to secure it at this stage). Start by tweezing the hair near your ear, moving toward the back of your head, taking care not to tweeze the lace. Ensure that you space out the tweezing so that it's not too close together, and make it gradual, so the hair transitions from sparser density around the hairline to full coverage.

8. Trimming the Lace to Suit Your Face

Cutting the lace when the wig is on your head is a fantastic step to make the wig look natural. Lace front wigs come with extra lace that covers your forehead, making it easy to secure. So, it's essential to trim the excess lace before securing the wig to make it resemble your natural hair. You might wonder, "How do I trim the excess lace?"

Let me answer your question:

  1. Place the wig on your head.
  2. Brush the hair backward away from your forehead so you can clearly see your hairline.
  3. Cut the lace along your hairline, being cautious not to cut it in a straight line. Follow your natural hairline and its curves.
  4. Start cutting from the center of your forehead towards the hairline.
  5. Trim the ear tabs and excess lace near your ears to achieve a natural wig look.

9. Choose the Perfect Hair Color

The safest choice to make the wig look natural is to select a wig hair color similar to your natural hair color. You can also choose a wig with "rooted" hair color, where the roots are slightly darker than the rest of the hair on the wig.

Don't forget to consider that the wig's hair color should complement your skin tone and eye color for a natural appearance.

You can also consult a hair expert at a beauty center to assist you in selecting a natural wig that suits your needs.

In Conclusion

Now, after familiarizing yourself with these best tips to make your extensions look like real, natural hair, I hope you won't just pass by them. Each piece of advice in these tips wasn't just a coincidence; it was built on the experiences and personal knowledge of women who enjoy wearing natural hair extensions. They followed these tips and made them work for them.