What is the ideal density when purchasing a natural hair wig?

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When buying a natural hair wig, many people believe that the key to achieving a natural and realistic appearance lies in choosing the right length and color that suits their face and skin. However, in reality, there's another aspect that often goes unnoticed, and it's the secret behind achieving a truly natural look: ensuring that the wig has the right density and volume. As leading experts in the field of natural hair wig sales, we understand the value that ideal density brings to one's overall appearance. That's why, at Zen Hair, the best place to buy natural hair, we felt it was essential to provide you with all the information you need about the importance of density in a natural hair wig and how to choose the right one for you.

What is meant by the density of a wig?

Before we delve into the ideal and necessary density when purchasing a natural hair wig, it's important to first understand this concept more thoroughly and clarify what we mean by it. Simply put, the density of a natural hair wig refers to how full it is, which is the amount of hair present on the wig and how thick it appears. It's essential to avoid confusing hair thickness with wig density, as they are two entirely separate and different aspects.

The density of a natural hair wig, as mentioned earlier, refers to the amount of hair placed on the wig's base and how full it appears. On the other hand, the term "hair thickness" in a wig refers to the size of an individual hair strand or follicle, indicating the thickness of each individual strand separately. This means that you can have a natural hair wig with low density even if the hair thickness is high, and vice versa. Similar to real hair, wig hair comes in various densities, and the higher the density of a natural hair wig, the fuller the hair's appearance.

Why is the density of a natural hair wig important?

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If you still think that the density of a natural hair wig is not important when making a purchase, let us correct this idea for you. In the world of natural hair wig manufacturing, wigs are not created with varying densities arbitrarily. Each specific density is suited to a particular individual and their needs. As a result, different density levels give wigs various degrees of appeal for those who wear them. Therefore, it's essential to obtain a natural hair wig with the right density to achieve a natural and perfect look that complements you and your overall appearance.

Available natural hair wig density ratios

The density of natural hair wigs is typically measured in percentages, and understanding these different percentages will help you determine the best natural hair wig for your needs. Here's a list of common density percentages available in the market, along with their characteristics:

  • 80% to 90% Low Density: This percentage represents the lowest level of density for a natural hair wig. It's recommended for a very natural and realistic look, particularly for mature women.
  • 100% to 110% Low Density: Wigs with this density percentage offer a light and airy appearance. The hair near the hairline is thin, gradually transitioning to a medium density throughout the rest of the wig.
  • 120% to 130% Medium "Natural" Density: This density is considered natural, similar to the density of hair on an average person's scalp. Wigs with this density are neither too thick nor too thin, providing a very natural fullness. Many women prefer wigs with this density because they closely resemble their own hair, and the wig's front hairline often comes with this density to blend seamlessly with the natural hair.
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  • 150% Above Medium Density: Wigs with this density percentage offer a fuller and more voluminous appearance. They are suitable for those looking to add extra volume to their style without going overboard.
  • 180% High Density: Wigs with this density are very thick and add a substantial amount of volume to your hair. They are often used for theatrical or glamorous purposes and by some performers looking for bold and stunning hairstyles.
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  • 200% to 250% Super High Density: This percentage represents the highest density available, and wigs with this density offer an enchanting and captivating look. They are typically used for dramatic and glamorous appearances.

What is the ideal density for a natural hair wig? 

In reality, there's no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to choosing the best density for a natural hair wig. The variety of density percentages caters to different needs and preferences. Wigs worn for special occasions may not have the same density as those worn daily. However, at the best place to buy natural hair, we recommend the following density guidelines:

  • Short Natural Hair Wigs:

For short natural hair wigs, we suggest a density ranging from 130% to 150% for a suitable and natural appearance. It's essential to be cautious when selecting the density for short natural hair wigs to avoid them appearing too flat or overly voluminous.

  • Long Natural Hair Wigs:

When it comes to long natural hair wigs, you have more flexibility in choosing density without worrying about an overly voluminous appearance. Therefore, the choice of density largely depends on your personal preferences and the level of fullness you desire. However, we advise against selecting low-density wigs with percentages ranging from 100% to 130% for long hair, as they may appear too flat and thin. Opting for a high-density wig can help you achieve the ideal hair look.

Key Factors for Determining the Ideal Density of a Natural Hair Wig

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As mentioned earlier, there's no right or wrong density, as each percentage meets specific preferences and needs. This means you can determine the appropriate and ideal density of a natural hair wig for yourself, according to your desires and requirements. We'll help guide you through this process at Zen Hair, the best place to buy natural hair in Saudi Arabia. To determine the most suitable density for your natural hair wig, consider the following factors:

  • Hair Care Factor:

We all know that maintaining the health and appearance of a natural hair wig requires proper and regular care. Therefore, before choosing a specific density percentage, ensure that you can take care of it effectively. Wigs with high density require more effort and hair care products to maintain their soft and healthy texture. On the other hand, lower-density wigs are less demanding in terms of care. So, choose the density that aligns with your ability to care for it properly.

  • Styling and Design Options:

The variety of styling options often depends on the density of the wig. The higher the density, the more freedom you have to create various styles and hairstyles, making it easier to achieve perfect looks. If your lifestyle calls for diverse hairstyles, you may need a high-density wig that suits your needs. If it's for daily wear, a natural density is typically sufficient.

  • Your Real Hair Density:

If you're considering a natural hair wig due to hair issues or health reasons and want a look that closely resembles your natural hair, you should choose a wig with a density similar to your real hair.

  • Budget Consideration:

It's clear that high-quality natural hair wigs with high density will come at a higher price compared to lower-density wigs. Therefore, you should take your budget into account and strike a balance between it and your preferences to make the right purchase decision.

In Conclusion:

In the end, we understand the significant importance of density in a natural hair wig for achieving a natural and attractive hair appearance. With the correct knowledge about density, you'll be able to make the right purchase decision. As mentioned earlier, there's no true or false density; the best choice is what suits your needs and fulfills your desires.