Using natural hair extensions has become a magical solution for quickly and effectively changing your appearance. You can use them to increase the length and volume of your hair, achieving an attractive look within minutes. However, if you're new to the world of hair extensions, everyone will tell you how to wear, style, and care for them, but no one will share those little tricks that ensure you maintain an elegant look.

This includes hiding those pesky short hairs at the back of your neck or finding the best way to curl your hair, among other things. So, in this article, we'll discuss these important tricks you'll need when wearing clip-in hair extensions.

Top 10 Tricks When Wearing Clip-In Hair Extensions:

Even though mastering the art of wearing clip-in hair extensions takes a bit of time and practice, we've gathered the best tricks to help you wear them perfectly, transforming you from a beginner to a pro in using natural hair extensions.

1. Use the Right Hairbrush for Styling:

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When you wear clip-in hair extensions, it can be challenging to brush your hair. Using a regular hairbrush might pull on your hair roots, potentially moving or even dislodging the extensions. That's why we recommend using a brush specifically designed for natural hair extensions. These brushes are made to glide through and detangle your hair without pulling on the roots or shifting your clip-in hair extensions.

2. Use Extensions for Creative Hairstyles:

You can take advantage of extensions to create more coordinated and attractive hairstyles. For example, when opting for a ponytail, secure it with a hair extension piece instead of a regular hairband for a neater and glossier look.

3. Layer Multiple Extensions for a Fuller Ponytail:

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This small trick makes your hair appear denser, especially when styling a ponytail. You can achieve this by layering two or three clip-in hair extensions, as desired, and securing them one on top of the other but in reverse order. Finally, comb your hair thoroughly and tie it with a rubber band to achieve a ponytail with a fuller appearance.

4. Best Way to Style Curly Hair Extensions:

Curly hair has become a significant beauty and fashion trend lately, and with hair extensions, achieving those luscious curls is easier than ever. All you need to do is curl your natural hair extensions before installing them in the comfort of your home, eliminating the need for a trip to a hair salon. First, wrap the extension strands around a special curling iron, securing them with small pins for a specific duration. Once you've achieved the desired look, release the curls, and then you can wear them confidently, ready to step out in style.

5. Proper Storage for Longevity and Quality Maintenance:

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It's recommended to store your hair extensions in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Hang them on a designated hair extension hanger to prevent tangling and the formation of knots, which can render them unusable. Avoid exposing them to water, ensuring they are dry when storing them to prevent bacterial growth. Remember, the better you care for them, the longer they'll last, saving you money and the need to purchase new extensions.

6. Layering Multiple Hair Extensions:

If you're struggling to find enough space on your head to place all your hair extensions, try stacking them to maximize space usage. Combine two extensions to create a larger, denser hairpiece and then place them together for a voluminous look. However, be cautious not to stack more than two extensions at once, as they can become too heavy or uncomfortable.

This trick not only helps you find space for all your hair extensions but also gives your hair a fuller appearance. If you have layered or thinner hair at the bottom, stacking extensions in this way can add density to the lower section of your hair.

7. Strengthen Your Hair Roots to Prevent Extension Slippage:

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If you have fine or weak hair or notice that your extensions tend to shift out of place and require constant adjustment, this tip is for you. Strengthen the roots of your hair follicles by backcombing them and applying a bit of dry shampoo. This process gives your roots more texture and stability, allowing the extensions to hold securely without slipping.

8. Concealing Extensions for Short Hair:

When you wear your hair extensions, you naturally want them to seamlessly blend with your own hair. If you have short hair and are using extensions to add length, there's a challenge in concealing that you're wearing them, particularly when hair around your neck area may reveal that you have extensions. To solve this, gather the lower layer of your hair at the back of your neck and create braids. Then, wrap these braids around your head, securing them with pins. Afterward, install the hair extensions directly over the area where you secured your natural hair. Once you're done, you'll appear more cohesive and rest assured that your extensions won't be noticeable anymore.

9. Pre-Styling Your Hair:

In some situations, you might not have the time to style your hair extensions for a special occasion or event you're attending. The perfect solution for you is to style and comb your extensions in advance, perhaps a day before the event. Then, hang them on a hair extension hanger. When you need any particular extension, you'll find it ready to go. All you'll have to do is install it, saving you time and ensuring you look confident and elegant.

10. Achieving a Layered Look:

You might want a hairstyle with a multi-layered appearance. In this case, a trick to create a faux layered effect is to install one of your extensions at an angle on each side of your head. This method creates a natural effect and gives you a layered hairstyle without the need for professional cutting.

Your knowledge of the tricks and techniques for wearing hair extensions will greatly help you achieve an elegant and attractive appearance while saving time and money, eliminating the need to visit specialized hair salons. This way, you can enjoy your beauty with confidence.