Mistakes you should avoid when using Natural Clip In Hair Extensions

اكستنشن كلبسات شعر طبيغي بالاقساط في الرياض

Undoubtedly, high-quality clip-in hair extensions from Zen Hair can look stunning and distinctive, as long as they are installed or worn correctly. In other words, natural hair extensions should not have obvious, unprofessional installations. The fear of being discovered by others can be a concern for those who wear hair extensions, especially beginners. Problems may include their discovery, damage, or even slipping.

The main reason behind these issues lies in making numerous mistakes during the installation and handling of clip-in hair extensions. That's why we've dedicated this space on the best natural hair website to talk about the most important mistakes to avoid when installing and using clip-in hair extensions.

Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing Natural Clip-In Hair Extensions:

If you're a beginner in installing clip-in hair extensions or considering it but lack the necessary experience to install them correctly without errors, you've come to the right place. At Zen Hair, the specialized site for selling high-quality natural hair extensions, our experts will provide you with a comprehensive guide on the mistakes you should avoid when wearing clip-in hair extensions. This will ensure that they look natural, seamlessly blending with your real hair, free from any flaws, and prevent any damage or harm to both the extensions and your natural hair. Everything you need to avoid when installing natural clip-in hair extensions can be found below:

The First Mistake: Installing natural clip-in hair extensions near the crown area.

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One of the common mistakes made by women with little experience when installing clip-in hair extensions is placing the pieces at the top of the head, in the crown area. This is because one of the essential rules to know before installing natural clip-in hair extensions is to avoid the crown area. The reason is quite simple - it's challenging to blend them seamlessly with your real hair in that region, making the extensions easier to spot. As advice from experts at the best natural hair website, it's crucial not to go beyond the height of your eyebrows when installing clip-in hair extensions, or else you risk them being easily noticeable.

The second mistake: Installing natural clip-in hair extensions too close to the scalp:

Another common mistake, especially for beginners when installing natural hair extensions, particularly clip-ins, is placing them too close to the scalp. Making this error can result in an unnatural appearance, as the closer the extensions are to the scalp, the more prominent and non-uniform the hair appears, leading to discomfort during wear.

The third mistake: Installing too many strands of clip-in hair extensions:

Clip-in hair extensions come in a box with several strands, and often, you may only need a few pieces to achieve the desired thickness and length. Using more strands than necessary can lead to an unnatural and bulky appearance. The number of strands required for installation depends on your hair type and needs. Therefore, it's essential to assess your needs before applying clip-in hair extensions.

The fourth mistake: Installing natural clip-in hair extensions directly on soft hair roots:

اكستنشن كلبسات شعر طبيعي في الرياض

While having soft hair is a dream for many, clip-in hair extensions require a firm base for good grip and support. To ensure that clip-in hair extensions stay in place, even on soft hair, here are some solutions:

  • Apply hair spray to add volume to your hair, making it dense enough to support clip-in extensions.
  • To secure clip-in hair extensions firmly on soft hair strands, tease or backcomb the roots slightly. However, be cautious not to overdo it

The Fifth Mistake: Neglecting Short Hair Strands

Often, clip-in hair extensions are worn by those with short hair. However, some individuals make a significant mistake by not paying attention to the short hair strands at the nape of the neck. These shorter strands become prominent when you pull your hair forward. As experts in this field, we recommend separating or dividing these shorter strands at the nape of the neck from the rest of your hair. You can then braid and secure them using hairpins. This method hides and keeps the shorter strands out of sight, ensuring that the clip-in extensions seamlessly blend, giving you the freedom to move your hair forward without the fear of them being discovered.

Key Things to Avoid When Using Clip-In Natural Hair Extensions:

Now that you've learned about the most common mistakes made by beginners when wearing or installing clip-in hair extensions, it's time to familiarize yourself with some incorrect practices that can shorten the lifespan and damage the appearance of your hair extensions. To keep your clip-in hair extensions in good condition and looking healthy for as long as possible, avoid the following mistakes:

The First Mistake: Not removing clip-in extensions while sleeping

If you return home late at night, do not neglect to remove your clip-in hair extensions before going to bed, even if you're tired. Sleeping with clip-in extensions can quickly lead to their tangling and cause damage to your real hair due to the tension applied during the night. Henceforth, allocate some time and effort to remove your clip-in extensions correctly and store them in a suitable place before going to sleep.

The Second Mistake: Incorrect cleaning and care routine

Just like your natural hair, clip-in natural hair extensions require regular cleaning and nourishment to maintain their healthy and beautiful appearance. However, an improper cleaning and care routine can harm the health and appearance of your hair extensions and reduce their lifespan. Over-cleaning or neglecting care can lead to loss of the natural shine and change the soft texture to a rough one. We advise you to follow a proper and suitable care and cleaning routine, washing your clip-in extensions once a week if you wear them daily. Also, schedule a routine for deep hydration and nourishment to keep the health and softness of your clip-in hair extensions.

The Third Mistake: Using the Wrong Products

منتجات العناية باكستنشن كلبسات شعر طبيعي

You might be following a proper cleaning and care routine, yet notice that your clip-in hair extensions deteriorate quickly. This simply comes down to using the wrong products, such as shampoo, conditioner, serums, nourishing oils, heat protectants, and other care products not specifically designed for natural hair extensions. Therefore, it's essential to heed the advice of experts when selecting products tailored for hair extensions that are free from sulfates. The right products will safeguard your clip-in hair extension strands and extend their lifespan.

The Fourth Mistake: Not Combing Hair Gently

It's true that regular combing, removal of tangles and knots, will preserve the soft texture of your clip-in hair extensions. However, knowing the correct combing method is crucial to avoid damaging the extension strands. Use a detangling spray when needed, combing gently from the tips upwards to the roots. Avoid harshly tugging at the extension bonds to prevent damage. Make sure not to use a regular brush; opt for a wide-toothed specialized hair extension brush when combing your clip-in hair extensions.

In Conclusion:

Finally, if you're considering using clip-in natural hair extensions for the first time, be sure to avoid all the mentioned mistakes. They can contribute to quick deterioration of your hair extensions and cause harm to your natural hair. Remember that the proper use of hair extensions is the key to achieving a flawless, natural look without any flaws.