Tips on wearing a natural hair wig for the first time

You may find yourself needing to wear a natural hair wig for various reasons, including medical reasons to conceal hair loss or baldness on your scalp, or simply because you want to change your appearance without causing any harm to your natural hair. Therefore, a natural hair wig can be an ideal option for you.

However, the decision to wear a wig is a challenging and complex one, often accompanied by feelings of fear and hesitation. But, don't worry, these feelings are completely natural and are experienced by many women who consider wearing a wig for the first time. The positive side is that these feelings are temporary and will fade as soon as you try wearing the wig. After the experience, you'll feel more confident and distinctive. With our expertise in this field, we'd like to offer some helpful tips to guide you through wearing a natural hair wig for the first time.

How to Begin Wearing a Natural Hair Wig for the First Time:

If you're uncertain about how to start wearing a natural hair wig for the first time, it's entirely normal, and many people who wish to do so face similar uncertainties. However, beauty and hair care experts advise you to try the wig as soon as possible, especially when you still have some of your natural hair left. This helps alleviate any concerns or barriers and allows you to determine which styles and colors complement your real hair.

It also aids in selecting the type of wig that suits your lifestyle and current hair routine. By doing this, you can wear the wig professionally and have a successful experience right from the beginning.

Many individuals often turn to wearing a natural hair wig due to medical reasons, such as concealing the effects of alopecia. In such cases, hair typically begins to fall out over a period ranging from weeks to months, giving you ample time to decide to wear a wig before losing all of your hair completely.

The same holds true for hair loss caused by chemotherapy, as this treatment usually begins between the first and fourth doses, allowing you some time to experiment with a hair wig.

Choosing the Right Natural Hair Wig for You:

When considering wearing a wig, you should carefully select a high-quality, natural hair wig. This is a genuine investment that can save you money and effort in the long run. Wigs in the market come in two main types: those made from real human hair, suitable for those seeking a consistent and natural look, and synthetic wigs, suitable for those looking to change their hairstyles frequently. Therefore, it's essential to pay attention to the quality of the wig's hair to achieve a satisfying and beautiful result.

Choosing the Right Size for Your Natural Hair Wig:

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When it comes to size, many people agree that medium-sized wigs are the most popular choice. Approximately 90% of wearers opt for this size, which is suitable for individuals with a head circumference of around 22 inches. If you're unsure of your head size, some natural hair wigs come with adjustable straps or pull tabs that provide an extra inch or so of flexibility. This allows you to easily adjust the wig's size for a comfortable fit, whether you want it snug or a bit looser.

How to Wear a Natural Hair Wig for Beginners:

Here are some essential steps to help you wear a natural hair wig correctly and comfortably:

  1. Firstly, remove the cover of the new wig and hold it with both hands from the front. Place it on your head, ensuring it aligns precisely with your natural hairline.
  2. Tilt your head forward and position the front part of the wig on your front hairline, then adjust it from there to fit perfectly and complement your face shape.
  3. Ensure the wig is securely and comfortably in place, so you can wear it for extended periods without discomfort.
  4. Use hairpins or wig clips to securely fasten your natural hair wig, preventing it from slipping. Alternatively, if it suits you better, you can use a wig tape.
  5. Finally, make sure your wig is securely in place and take the opportunity to go out with an elegant and attractive appearance that reflects your confidence and allure.

How to Make Your Wig Look Natural:

One of the key aspects that determine the aesthetics of any wig, regardless of its type, is how closely it resembles natural hair, making it hard to distinguish from your own. Here are some small tricks to help your wig appear more natural, including:

  • Style the wig in a braid or ponytail.
  • Pluck a few stray hairs from the parting and hairline to enhance the wig's natural look.
  • Choose haircuts that resemble your natural hair in terms of shape and color.
  • Use setting spray during styling to hold the hair in place and prevent flattening.

By employing these simple tricks, you can add more naturalness and beauty to your wig while avoiding a noticeable difference between it and your natural hair.

Using the Right Accessories for Your Hair Wig:

This step involves essential investments in your hair wig to ensure a comfortable wearing experience.

  • First, select the appropriate wig cap to separate your natural hair from the wig's lining, protecting your scalp from irritation or allergies. Experts often recommend choosing a cap designed in the form of a net, as it allows your scalp to breathe and reduces issues related to hair loss.
  • Second, pay attention to the lining of your hair wig and choose a material that suits your scalp and doesn't cause allergic reactions. Various materials, such as silk, nylon, or cotton, are available, so select the one that suits you best.
  • Third, be cautious when selecting hair wig care products and ensure that they are specifically designed for synthetic or natural hair wigs. This helps maintain the quality of your wig for an extended period

Tips to Boost Your Confidence When Wearing a Natural Hair Wig for the First Time:

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When you learn the proper way to wear a natural hair wig and put it on for the first time, you may feel comfortable, but at times, you might lack confidence. Here are some tips to help you increase your self-assurance when wearing a hair wig:

  • One great way to boost your confidence is by practicing wearing the wig at home and wearing it everywhere around your house for a few days or weeks until you gain sufficient confidence in your wig.
  • If you're wearing a natural hair wig for the first time and feel nervous about what people you know will say, consider wearing it in a public place where it's likely that no one will recognize you. By doing so, no one will notice the wig, and you'll feel the necessary confidence to go about your day with assurance and boldness.

In summary:

Don't feel shy or anxious when wearing a hair wig. Wigs offer numerous benefits, just like many celebrities enjoy, helping you achieve an elegant and fashionable appearance with different hairstyles without compromising your mental well-being due to negative thoughts and without the need to alter your natural hair, which might suffer damage. Therefore, don't hesitate to choose a wig as a solution to refresh your look.