Preparing your hair for hair extensions: Things you should know before visiting the salon to apply natural hair extensions

The dream of long, flowing hair continues to captivate many young women. You're probably one of them, as it's a symbol of femininity and beauty – a distant dream for those with short hair. However, thanks to natural hair extensions, this dream has become a quick and instant reality for a radical and captivating change in your hair's appearance. It's the perfect choice for you, dear Eve, to enjoy a soft, attractive, and distinctive feminine look. These are strands of hair, available in natural hair color or other colors, used to add length to short hair, volume for fine and thin hair, or simply to introduce a touch of change to your hair or your unique hairstyle. They are discreetly and securely attached to your scalp. In this article, we will take you on a journey to learn how to prepare your hair for hair extensions, how to install them, take care of them, and what you need to know before taking this step.

How to Prepare Your Hair for Extensions Before Heading to the Salon:

Suppose you've decided to try out hair extensions to achieve a new and distinctive look for your hair. In that case, it's advisable to be aware of several things before heading to the specialized salon to ensure a successful and unique experience that fulfills your desires. The process of preparing your hair for extensions is no less important than the process of attaching the hairpiece.

1. Thoroughly Wash Your Hair:

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Hair extensions are an essential step and serve as the foundation in the process of attaching natural hair extensions. Therefore, your hair must be washed with an appropriate deep-cleansing shampoo to ensure that there are no traces of oils or impurities that could hinder the extension's adherence.

2. Avoid Using Hair Conditioner:

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Normally, we all prefer to use hair conditioner for its ability to make hair more moisturized, vibrant, and exceptionally shiny. However, if you're getting ready to install natural hair extensions, it's not advisable to use hair conditioner before heading to the salon. This is because it can affect the adhesion and stability of the hair strands when they are being installed.

3. Steer Clear of Hair Oils:

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Try to avoid using hair oils and hair treatments before heading to the salon for hair extension installation, as they can negatively impact the attachment process.

4. Arrive at the Salon with Dry, Untangled Hair:

Make sure your hair is dry and free of tangles when you head to the salon for natural hair extension installation. You can achieve this by giving your hair some time to air dry naturally or by using a low-heat hair dryer for this purpose. Be sure to comb it well and gently untangle it, perhaps tying it up in a simple ponytail or bun to prevent any tangling during your trip to the salon.

5. Avoid Using Heat Styling Tools Before Hair Extension Installation:

It's not recommended to use hair straighteners or curling irons that expose your hair to high heat for straightening or adding curls before hair extension installation. It's always best to leave your hair in its natural state before the extension process, as it can hinder the installation process from going as planned. You can style it afterward, once the extensions have been successfully installed.

How to Prepare Your Hair for Installation According to the Type of Natural Hair Extensions Used:

There are several types of hair extensions you can turn to for adding length and thickness to your hair. However, it's essential not to overlook that the extension installation process is somewhat sequential and should be done correctly. Properly preparing your hair will yield the best results and prevent any damage that might occur due to incorrect use or preparation before installation. Here are the key ways to prepare your hair before installing natural hair extensions:

1. Preparing Your Hair for Clip-In Extensions:

Whether you're doing this process at home or at a salon, you should choose extensions that match the color of your natural hair. If you desire a different color, you can opt for extensions that you find appealing. Select the appropriate length for your clip-in extensions, but make sure the extensions used are not shorter than your natural hair, except for the front part of your hair.
  • Divide your hair into two sections, one on top and one on the bottom.
  • Further divide the bottom section into two parts, securing them with clips.
  • Gather your hair from the bottom section towards the back and secure it with a hair clip.
  • Begin attaching the extensions to your hair, and continue these steps until all the clip-in extensions are installed on your hair.

Watch how to install 9-piece natural Clip in hair extensions:

2. Preparing The Natural Tape-In Hai Extensions for Installation:

  • Since washing your hair is a crucial step before preparing to install tape-in natural hair extensions, it's essential to use a deep-cleansing, chemical-free shampoo. This will remove any traces of oils, hair styling products, or impurities in your hair. The adhesive's effectiveness depends on the cleanliness of your hair, ensuring an easy and professional attachment process. Make sure your hair is thoroughly dry before moving on to the next step. You can use a low-heat hair dryer for this purpose.
  • Avoid using hair styling tools or any other heat devices after washing and drying your hair. Using these tools can make the natural installation of hair extensions more challenging. You can style your hair as desired, but only after you've completed the entire process of installing the extensions.

Tips for Caring for Natural Hair Extensions:

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It's crucial to maintain the care and attention for your hair after installing natural hair extensions to achieve the best results for a healthy and natural-looking hair appearance and to ensure the longevity of your extensions. Here are some essential guidelines to ensure the beauty and vitality of your hair:

  • Always keep your hair clean and well-nourished by using high-quality, chemical-free hair products to maintain healthy, well-nourished hair.
  • Be diligent in combing your hair, ensuring there are no tangles or knots. Use the right hair care tools, such as a hair extension brush or a wide-toothed comb, to achieve this easily.
  • Avoid using salty or chlorinated water for hair washing. If you plan to swim, wet your hair before entering the water to prevent it from absorbing salty or chlorinated water.
  • Refrain from exposing your natural hair extensions to high heat, such as prolonged use of hair dryers, just as you would with your natural hair.
  • Avoid overusing oils and conditioners on your hair, as this could lead to the extensions slipping out of place.

In general, it's essential to include salon visits in your routine for maintenance and to ensure your hair extensions remain secure, especially as your natural hair grows. Consider visiting the salon regularly, typically every 6 to 8 weeks, depending on your hair's growth rate.

In conclusion, hair extensions are a fantastic way to enjoy an attractive and unique hair appearance or to address issues like hair gaps or short hair by adding density and length. To make the most of them, select high-quality, natural hair extensions that suit your hair type. Maintain them using top-notch hair care products, and don't forget to visit your salon periodically for upkeep to ensure their longevity and your hair's overall health.