Best 5 Short Haircuts for Women - A Beautiful & Bold Look

Undoubtedly, you must have thought at some point in your life about giving up your long hair and trying out a very short haircut. However, you quickly get discouraged by doubts, such as the fear that short hair may not suit your face or head shape. As a result, you avoid the idea altogether and continue with long hairstyles.

We understand how difficult it is to part with your long hair and make such an impactful decision that can affect your outward appearance. But know that if you want to try an attractive and vibrant hair style that can make you look younger, you should consider trying these short haircuts. These have become highly popular among actresses and modern women due to their many advantages, making you look more appealing and feminine. In this article, we will try to help you dispel these doubts and take the first step to experiment with a shorter haircut. We will take you on a short and enjoyable journey into the world of hairstyling, showcasing the latest short haircuts in the world

Criteria for Choosing a Short Haircut Based on Your Face Shape

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One of the advantages of these hairstyles is that they add a certain allure and femininity to your look. So, we will present to you the most beautiful short haircuts that may suit you and emphasize that bold aspect of your personality. The most important criteria for choosing a short hairstyle are based on your face shape (oval, round, etc.) to achieve a beautiful and attractive appearance. You should also consider your hair color and type.

Therefore, choosing your haircut depends on several essential criteria, with the most important being the shapes and types of faces. Each face shape has its unique dimensions and distinctive features, so understanding the nature of your face will be your magical solution to achieve a beautiful look with minimal effort

  • Triangular Face Shape:

This face shape features a broad forehead that narrows down towards the chin, creating a heart-shaped appearance. One of the popular haircuts for this shape is the 'Victoria' haircut, made famous by Victoria Beckham.

  • Heart Face Shape:

Heart-shaped faces have prominent cheekbones and a narrow jaw, and they exude a unique, vibrant, and lively appearance. The 'Victoria' haircut also suits this face shape well.

  • Oval Face Shape:

Oval faces have balanced proportions with a forehead length equal to the jawline and a face length about 1.5 times the face width. This versatile face shape complements all types of Short haircuts.

  • Square Face Shape:

The square face shape features equal dimensions across all facial features. It's not recommended to opt for very short Short haircuts as they may enhance the angularity of the face. Longer haircuts can help soften the edges.

  • Round Face Shape:

For round face shapes, the goal is to make the face appear longer and slimmer. Finding the right Short haircut can be a bit challenging, but some tips include opting for a short side-swept haircut to create a more elongated appearance.

  • Rectangular or Oblong Face Shape:

Short haircuts work best for elongated faces. However, avoid lifting the hair on the crown as it can make the face appear even longer.

  • Diamond Face Shape:

The diamond face shape is unique and embodies both femininity and boldness. It requires special attention when choosing a haircut to avoid styles that may not complement it well.
Remember, it's essential to consult with a professional hairstylist to get a haircut that suits your face shape and personal style

Should I cut my hair at home or visit a professional salon? 

Well, going to a professional salon is undoubtedly a good option for your hair. However, some women might not have the time and budget for that, so they resort to cutting their hair at home. It can be a simple process with satisfying results, depending on the style you desire. Just remember to follow some basic instructions when cutting your hair.

Top 5 Short Haircuts

1. French Pixie Haircut

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The French Pixie haircut is designed in a circular manner, making the hair look like a circle from a distance. It includes a front fringe that gives you a distinctive and charming look, adding a touch of delicacy and liveliness to your appearance. This style is suitable for those with long faces, as it can help make the face appear smaller.

2. Short Pixie Haircut:

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The short pixie haircut is one of the boldest short haircuts. Many women are hesitant to try it for fear of damaging their hair and losing its even growth. However, it's a fantastic style that suits various age groups and personalities, from young women in their twenties to mature ladies. It has become popular among Hollywood stars like Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Janelle Monáe. This haircut is suitable for those with round, oval, and heart-shaped faces.

3. Short Haircut with Side Bangs:

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This haircut is often associated with a rebellious and edgy persona but still offers an elegant and lively appearance, making you look younger.

4. Short Bob Haircut:

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The term "bob" comes from the French word for "male" or "boy," as the cut resembles the simple, close-cropped style often seen on boys. This style highlights the jawline and neck, giving you a refined, feminine look. Short bob haircuts are suitable for all face shapes and hair types, catering to a wide range of age groups.

5. Short Haircut with Shaved Sides:

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Opting for a short haircut with shaved side sections is ideal if you prefer to keep your hair to one side. You can choose which side you like and maintain it as a longer strand, neatly swept across the forehead. The shorter shaved sides add diversity and edginess to your look. This style will exhibit your hair at different lengths while ensuring a modern and attractive appearance, bringing out more vibrancy.

In summary, choosing a Short haircut can be intimidating, but understanding your own features is key to finding the perfect fit. By doing so, you'll avoid styles that don't suit you, ensuring you look stylish, attractive, and more feminine. You'll be amazed at the results, and those worries will vanish as you discover they were mere illusions.