Top 7 Hair Wash Tips On How To Wash Your Hair Properly

Washing your hair seems like a pretty easy and straight-to-the-point kind of thing to do, right? Water, shampoo, rinse and you’re done. Well, according to hair professionals, it isn’t as simple as that. Regardless of what type of hair texture you have; whether it’s straight, curly, wavy, knowing these hair wash tips is the best way on how to wash your hair is an important part of your hair care routine.

In this article, we’re going to cover the do’s and don’ts when washing your hair so you can have beautiful, bouncy, and healthy hair.

tarting off with what kind of hair products should you use? Similar to choosing the right skincare products, choose products that are right for your hair type and that will be best suited for your needs. Picking the wrong product can cause more damage than good.


  • For Thick or Coarse Hair: Get products that have moisturizing ingredients.
  • Fine Hair: Use a gentle clarifying shampoo.
  • For Oily Hair: Use a volumizing shampoo and avoid putting conditioner on the scalp. Use a clarifying shampoo once a week.
  • For Color-Treated hair: Use products that are color-safe that will help maintain your color for longer without stripping it with every wash.
  • For Bleached Hair: Get a shampoo that is clarifying to prevent unwanted yellow tones.

No matter what your hair type is, avoid using shampoos that contain Sulfate, Paraben, Silicones, and Alcohol. These harmful chemicals will strip your hair’s moisture and natural oils, leaving it dry and dull, and more prone to breakage.

What to do and what not to do...that is the question. Here are our top hair wash tips on the do’s and don'ts when washing your hair.

Top 7 Hair Wash Tips On What NOT To Do

  1. Don’t Shampoo Your Hair Only

Your scalp needs the most attention when washing your hair. Why? Well, it’s because it produces the natural oils and is often the oiliest, contrary to the ends of your hair. It takes some time for the natural oils to reach your hair ends, so they’re mostly “dry”. So washing your hair only can dehydrate them even more and make them more prone to breakage. So, next time you wash your hair, focus on cleaning the scalp rather than the ends of your hair.

  1. Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday

Doing hair wash everyday will cause your hair to be more dry and dull. Why is washing your hair every day bad? The reason is, the more you frequently wash your hair, the more you are stripping its natural oils. This may not apply to all hair types, as oily hair may need washing every 2-3 days, whereas if you have dry hair, wash your hair once a week or twice a week. Use dry shampoo in between washes to refresh your hair and help absorb any oils until your next wash day.

  1. Don’t Aggressively Wash Your Hair And Scalp

When shampooing, start with lathering from the roots all the way to the ends. Lather the shampoo in your palms a little then gently massage it into your scalp using your fingers. This helps boost blood flow to the scalp and helps stimulate hair growth. Do not use your fingernails because you can accidentally cause a scratch on your scalp and attract infection. Similarly, gently lather the remaining of your hair with the shampoo and avoid using back and forth action because this will cause tangles and breakage.

  1.  Don’t Apply Conditioner on Your Scalp

Applying conditioner on your hair roots will make them oilier. You should only apply the conditioner from mid-length to the ends of your hair. And the reason for doing so is because your hair ends are usually the driest and need that extra boost of moisture. So, during your shower, apply your conditioner and leave it for 5 minutes or until you finish up. This way your hair is fully hydrated and nourished.

  1. Don’t Wash off the Conditioner With Water

When rinsing off the conditioner, use cooler water to do so. The cold water closes the cuticles of the hair and helps retain the moisture. This ensures that your hair is fully moisturized from the conditioner, preventing it from absorbing moisture from the environment and making it frizzy.

  1. Don’t Shampoo Twice

Washing your hair twice will only strip your hair’s natural oils even more and leave it dry and brittle. Only wash your hair once using your preferred shampoo. The one exception for washing your hair twice is after having done a hair mask using oil.

  1. Don’t Rub Your Hair Dry

After your shower, using a towel gently pat out the excess water from your hair instead of rubbing. Hair is most vulnerable when it’s wet, and rubbing it can cause damage, tangles, and breakage.

The Do’s of Hair Wash Tips When Washing your Hair

  1. Brush Your Hair Before Washing it

Brushing your hair before you take a shower will smooth out any tangles that might have occurred during the day. This also prevents further tangling that may happen during the wash. Always start off by brushing small sections, starting from the ends making your way up. Brushing beforehand can also help lift up dirt or product buildup on your hair and scalp, making it easier to wash them off.

  1. Rinse Your Hair with Warm Water First

Lukewarm water helps open up your hair’s cuticle so that the shampoo can penetrate even deeper and remove oil and dirt. This also allows your hair to absorb the moisturizing agents from the conditioner.

  1. Rinse Your Hair Thoroughly

Before shampooing, make sure you rinse your hair with water thoroughly. Shampoos lather better on wet hair and you would need to use less shampoo.

  1. Lather The Shampoo First

Avoid putting the shampoo directly on your scalp. Instead, lather the shampoo in your palms first then apply it to your hair and scalp. This ensures that the shampoo is spread evenly on your scalp. 

  1. Use Cooler Water to Rinse Off the Conditioner

When rinsing off your conditioner, make sure to use cool water. This will close your hair’s cuticles and help lock the moisture in.