Wearing a natural hair wig the right way

Wearing a hair wig can be a new experience for you, but it can definitely become a unique and enjoyable one, depending on how well you choose the right wig and tailor it to your needs. Whether you're already a wig wearer or it's your first time, we promise you a fun and satisfying experience. So, we've prepared this article to help you understand the proper way to wear and style a hair wig, ensuring a stunning and captivating appearance that boosts your confidence and fulfills your desire for a change and renewal.

Choosing the Right Type of Wig for You

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Before you delve into how to wear your wig, it's essential to know the available types of hair wigs and select the one that suits you best. Start by identifying your priorities and needs, then choose the type that aligns with your personal style.

  • Natural Hair Wig

This type of wig is entirely made from real, natural hair and is known for its high quality. It offers a natural and realistic appearance and is versatile, suitable for cutting, dyeing, styling, and using heat styling tools, much like your own hair. However, it requires special care and maintenance, and it can be relatively expensive. You can find high-quality natural hair wigs, such as Brazilian natural hair wigs, exclusively at Zen Hair Shop, a leading store that provides the best natural hair wigs in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf region for a truly captivating look.

  • Synthetic Hair Wig

Synthetic hair wigs are made from artificial fibers and typically have lower quality. They are more affordable compared to natural hair wigs and are suitable for short-term wear. They have limited durability and are not suitable for those who frequently change their hair color, style, or use heat styling tools for curling or straightening.

  • Blended or Mixed Hair Wig

Blended wigs combine both natural and synthetic hair, offering a balance between a distinct natural appearance and the cost-effectiveness of synthetic wigs. However, it's essential to be cautious as they may not completely overcome the drawbacks of synthetic hair, so it's crucial to follow instructions carefully and ensure compatibility with heat styling tools.

How to Determine the Right Wig Measurements

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To ensure you make the perfect choice for your hair wig and avoid discomfort and embarrassment while wearing it, it's essential to carefully consider the measurements of your head. This will prevent you from getting a wig that's either too large, causing it to slip, or too small, making you feel constrained and uncomfortable. The average and common head measurements are 21 inches around the head, 14 inches from the front hairline to the nape, and 13 inches from ear to ear. However, it's best to obtain more precise measurements for a wig and a hair cap that fit you perfectly. Here's how to take these measurements:

  • Head Circumference: Wrap a measuring tape from the front hairline along the hairline to the back to the starting point.
  • Front Hairline to Nape: Measure from the front hairline to the back of your neck.
  • From Right Temple to Left Temple: Measure from the right temple, across the center of the head, to the left temple on the other side.

How to Wear a Wig Correctly

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To achieve the best results, it's advisable to follow the instructions closely and practice wearing the wig several times. Over time, you'll gain the necessary expertise to make the process easier, smoother, and more flexible. Initially, you should prepare everything you need before putting on your wig. Make sure to have:

  • Your hair wig
  • A wig cap
  • A wig brush with wire bristles if you have a synthetic wig, or a wide-toothed hairbrush if you have a natural wig
  • You can also use wig styling cream if you prefer. Now it's time to apply and wear your favorite hair wig. Follow these steps:

First: Wearing the Hair Cap

Start by preparing the wig cap. There may be differing opinions on the importance of wearing a wig cap underneath the wig or how comfortable it is for you. However, the true test is through experience, so you can try it to see if it suits you. Nevertheless, it plays a crucial role in safeguarding your natural hair. Here's how to wear it:

  • Secure your natural hair by tying it from the back.
  • Begin extending the cap onto your hands and prepare to put it on.
  • Start by securing the wig cap, beginning from the inside and specifically from the front, around your forehead, starting at your eyebrows, to ensure a secure fit. Continue pulling the cap towards the center of your head and down to the nape of your neck.
  • Make sure to tuck your natural hair completely underneath the wig cap, securing it entirely so that it cannot be seen or come out from under the wig.
  • Ensure that your hair is fully tucked in from the back, especially if it's long and you've tied it into a ponytail. Make sure it's securely tucked under the cap.
  • Pull the cap back from your eyebrows to meet the natural hairline in a smooth, consistent manner.
  • Secure the sides of the wig cap, making sure it's settled behind your ears.

Second: Placing Your Wig

  • Begin by looking for the label or tag on your wig, as this will greatly help you determine the front and back of the wig. Typically, the label is located at the back of the wig.
  • Identify the ear tabs on the wig, and start by holding them, ensuring that the label is at the top and the front of the wig is down.
  • Turn your head forward and place the front of the wig directly along your eyebrow line.
  • Gradually pull the wig over your head.
  • After adjusting it to sit naturally on your head, the parting of the hair will fall into place automatically.
  • Secure the wig from both sides at the ear tabs to ensure it's stable.
  • Continue pulling the wig onto your head until the back part settles at the nape of your neck.
  • Hold the front of the wig with one hand and, with the other hand, adjust the back of the wig on the back of your head. The front part should be about three fingers' width from your eyebrows.
  • You can now start styling your hair as you normally would. However, use a wire-bristle hairbrush if your wig is made of synthetic fibers, or a wide-toothed hairbrush if it's made of real, natural hair, like a Brazilian natural hair wig.

In summary, you can now enjoy a fresh and enchanting look by using a hair wig. As specialists, we always recommend opting for a natural hair wig, so it's best to make the right choice from the start and understand what suits you. Knowing your head measurements accurately is also crucial before following the necessary steps to wear your wig, ensuring your comfort and confidence. By carefully following these instructions, you'll achieve wonderful results that make you the center of attention and the admiration of all.