Why is Natural Clip In Extension the best?

Extension hair is considered an excellent choice for any girl looking to add instant length and thickness to her natural hair, without any side effects on the natural hair. Installing natural hair extensions is easy, and maintaining and styling them to blend seamlessly with your own hair is also straightforward. This allows you to change your appearance within minutes, and with proper care, they can last for up to a year or even more in some cases.

However, if this is your first time trying hair extensions or extensions, it can be a bit confusing, as there are various types of hair extensions, each with different attachment methods. Some use natural hair clips, tape, or keratin. However, keratin-based extensions are not suitable for everyone and can take some time to install correctly. Additionally, the adhesive materials or heat tools used can cause issues, especially if you have a sensitive scalp. That's why we always advise customers who don't want permanent extensions to use clip-in hair extensions, also known as temporary hair extensions. These are easy to install, suitable for all, and completely safe for natural hair.

What are clip-in hair extensions?

وصلة شعر طبيعي كلبسات في الرياض

Clip-in extensions are prepared from strands of hair of various sizes, with these strands connected at the ends to silicone or fabric pieces. These pieces, in turn, are attached to sensitive hair clips, which easily grip onto your hair. This makes the installation and securing process easy, and clip-in extensions are often a popular choice among many girls, especially those trying hair extensions for the first time. They take less than 15 minutes to install and can be applied without an expensive salon visit. Plus, they are known for their reasonable and cost-effective prices compared to other types of extensions.

The correct way to install clip-in hair extensions on your hair:

You can easily install clip-in hair extensions at home by yourself.
Begin by dividing your hair into sections, starting from the lower part of your head, and pull the remaining hair away.
Start by attaching your clip-in extension of choice, depending on the desired size.
Continue attaching the rest of the clip-in hair extensions throughout your head in the areas you prefer.
Always ensure that you blend them and keep the extensions hidden under your natural hair to ensure they seamlessly match your natural hair, avoiding any embarrassment, especially if it's your first time wearing extensions.


Watch the video on how to install Clip in hair extensions  with ease in less than 10 minutes:


As you can see, installing clip-in hair extensions of this type takes only a few minutes. You just need to follow the steps mentioned, and by wearing these extensions, you'll achieve an instant, distinctive look, which often makes you quite attached to this type of extensions.

How long do clip-in hair extensions last?

Clip-in hair extensions can last a long time since they are considered temporary and aren't worn daily or washed with your natural hair, unlike permanent extensions. This is due to their easy installation and removal, allowing you to wear them only when needed. As a result, they stay clean throughout, and you won't need to wash them frequently.

On average, clip-in natural hair extensions can last up to a year or more when worn and maintained correctly, and if you adhere to proper storage conditions. Therefore, make sure not to neglect your clip-in extensions and take care of them by combing, styling, washing, and storing them correctly. Clip-in hair extensions can stay secure throughout the day when installed correctly. However, it's not recommended to sleep in them as it could potentially damage your hair and scalp, leading to some discomfort during sleep.

Why are clip-in hair extensions the best choice?

وصلة شعر طبيعي كلبسات في السعودية

One of the advantages that make clip-in hair extensions a popular choice is their easy installation and quick removal. This means you can wear them almost daily if you wish, without any hassle, as they are specifically designed for this purpose.

Most girls prefer extensions that are safe for their natural hair and cause no harm, no matter how delicate it may be. Clip-in extensions fulfill this need as they don't require any tools that could harm your hair. They don't need intimidating heat tools or chemicals, just simple clips that are easy to use. Plus, when installed correctly, you won't feel any pain or harm to your hair. In fact, you won't even notice them on your head.

Another advantage is that they don't require the complicated maintenance that may necessitate a trip to a specialized salon. They only need a little care in your daily routine, and a bit of your time to look after them. Thanks to their easy and innovative installation method, they're not heavily exposed to external factors, meaning they can last a long time, provided you respect proper storage conditions and maintain them correctly. So, all these benefits come with clip-in extensions, often at the best prices.

Why are clip-in hair extensions considered healthy for your hair and scalp?

If you choose clip-in hair extensions, it means there's minimal pressure on your scalp. Consequently, your natural hair can breathe and grow at its natural pace, giving you the option to change your look when you need to.

You can select the right amount of hair for your needs. If your hair reaches shoulder length, for example, you'd need extensions that are 16-18 inches long. This will provide the most realistic appearance and be extremely gentle on your hair. If you have particularly fine hair, you may not need to use all the extensions, offering flexibility based on your daily hair requirements.

One of the great advantages is that clip-in extensions avoid subjecting your natural hair to heat during styling. Pre-styling the extensions before wearing them can help save and protect your natural hair from the rigors of heat styling.

In summary, if you're a beginner in the world of hair extensions, choosing clip-in natural hair extensions is the ideal option. They're suitable for a unique experience in the realm of hair extensions without harming any strands of your natural hair.