360 Lace Front Wig Human Hair (Leen)

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  • % 100 Remy Virgin human hair wig
  • Double Drawn - same thickness from top to bottom
  • 360 Lace Front Wig
  • Length: 18'' inches (45 cm) & 14'' inches (35 cm)
  • Size: Medium size (22.50" inches/57cm)
  • 150% Density
  • 4 combs
  • Adjustable elastic band

Bawareek’s 100% Virgin 360 Wig Human Hair

Are you looking for the perfect wig to wear every day? Our brand Bawareek’s 360 Lace Front wig is the perfect wig for any and every occasion. It is extremely comfortable and completely invisible thanks to the 360 lace part. It creates a very natural and realistic appearance of the hairline as if the hair is growing right out of your own scalp.

Our 360 Lace Front Wig is very suitable and highly recommended for those who suffer from extreme balding spots, severe or medium hair loss and alopecia.  

  • 100% Remy virgin hair wig - this 360 wig human hair is made from the highest quality of Remy virgin hair, for tangle-free, soft, and silky smooth hair.
  • 360 Lace Front Wig - The 360 lace wig will help you get a fuller and thicker appearance thanks to the 360 closure.
  • Pre-Plucked Hairline - to give you the most realistic and natural-looking hairline when worn. The Lace front makes it appear as if the hair is naturally coming out of your scalp.
  • Comfortable Wig Cap - it is lightweight and allows your scalp to breathe, as it is soft and suitable for permanent wear.
  • Easy to style - The 360 lace around the wig helps your achieve your favorite hairstyles like the Ponytail and all up-do styles effortlessly 
  • Density 150% 

Steps on how to put on your 100% Virgin hair 360 Lace Front Wig:

  1. Firstly, start by preparing your hair. Either tie your hair up and style it in a bun or braid it down.
  2. If you have longer hair, braid your hair all the way through into a ponytail, then clip away the braided ponytail using pins to create a flat surface on your head.
  3. The next step is to test the wig size. Place the 360 wig human hair on your head to make sure that the size fits correctly.
  4. If you feel that the wig is smaller or bigger, adjust the size of the wig by adjusting the elastic band that is on the side of the wig.
  5. Place the wig on your head by slowly sliding it starting from the front, making your way to the back, covering your entire head.
  6. Insert all the combs on the wig carefully into your hair to make sure that the wig is secure in place.
  7. Next, cut the lace around the ears to remove the excess lace.
  8. Fold back the front part of the wig to apply the wig glue.
  9. Apply your preferred wig glue on your forehead, mirroring your natural hairline. Make sure to leave a little space so as to not apply the wig directly on your hairline.
  10. Using a blow-dryer, dry the glue for a little bit until the glue becomes tacky to the touch.
  11. Unfold the lace and pull it a little forward to apply it directly on the glued area. Then press down on the lace to make sure the lace has stuck to the glue.
  12. Repeat the same steps on the back of your head.
  13. Once you are sure that your wig has been glued to your head all around, use a head scarf and tie it around your head (on top of the lace that you glued down). This will help the wig to adhere more effectively and to stay flat and not lift.
  14. Then go ahead and cut the excess lace from the wig, making sure you are cutting as close to the hairline as possible.
  15. Finish by brushing your wig using a  paddle brush or a wide-toothed comb.
  16. Style as preferred.

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لماذا تعبر باروكة الشعر 360 بدانتيل أمامي من أفضل بواريك الشعر في المملكة العربية السعودية؟

ذلك لكونها عالية الجودة و المعدة ١٠٠% من أفخم وأجود أنواع الشعر الطبيعي، والتي تأتي أيضا بدانتيل أمامي لتمنحك مظهرا طبيعيا و كثيفا، فضلا عن كونها مريحة و خفيفة على فروة الرأس، لتتمتعي بمظهر شعر خلاب يزيد من جمالك وثقتك.

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