Nano I-Tip Hair Extensions

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  • 100% Human Hair Extensions (Remy) - Remy: Cuticles are in the same direction
  • Double Drawn - Same thickness from top to bottom
  • Pre-bonded with Original Italian Keratin
  • Weight: 30-45g
  • 50 strands / pack
  • Discrete and comfortable
  • Plastic Stem
  • Seamless blend with natural hair

Achieve the ultimate Glow up Transformation with our Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Zen Hair’s Nano Ring Hair Extensions are Double Drawn I-Tip hair extensions pre-bonded with Italian Keratin. They have tiny and thin Nano plastic stems at the top of the extension, making it perfect for that discrete application, creating a gorgeous look and feel for you. 

  • 100% Remy Human Hair - for a tangle-free, smooth and soft hair all day long.
  • Double Drawn Hair - to give you an amazing thickness from the top of the Nano hair extension all the way to the bottom.
  • Pre-Bonded with Italian Keratin - kind to your hair as Keratin is a natural protein component in human hair, making it a safe and damage-free application.
  • Comfortable & Reliable - they fit comfortably on your hair without causing any discomfort or damage.
  • Undetected & Discrete - because the Nano ring hair extensions are smaller in size, it makes it almost invisible after application, giving you a more seamless and natural look.
  • Completely Safe - Nano i-tip hair extensions are applied using micro Nano rings, and do not require glue or heat to be applied on your hair, making it safe. 

Application of the Nano ring hair extensions:

The application of Zen Hair’s Nano Hair Extensions are attached to your natural hair using Nano rings.

These small rings are coated with alloy, and are lined with silicone tube from the inside. This protects and creates safe application to your hair, without causing stress or damage as it cushions the natural hair.

The micro rings are attached with a loop tool then pressed on with a  special plier to secure the Nano i-tip hair extension in place. The pliers can also be used for the removal process.

Pro Tip Before Application: Cut the plastic tip slightly before application. This will create the smallest bond for a completely discrete application. Be sure not to cut past half way of the plastic Nano ring, otherwise you will not have enough bond to securely attach the extension to hair.

Steps in applying the Nano tip hair extensions: 

  1. Start by prepping the client’s hair. Make sure that the hair is clean and does not have any products on it. You can use a purifying shampoo to wash the client’s hair in order to remove hair products or residues of products.
  2. Start by threading the loop tool though the micro ring.
  3. Take a small section of the client’s hair, an equal amount to fit through the micro ring, and pull the hair through the loop tool.
  4. Then pull the hair through the micro ring, placing it close to the hair line.
  5. Make sure to leave about 1 cm of the natural hair, so the application will not be too close to the scalp. Otherwise it will be too tight on the hair causing damage and extreme discomfort.
  6. Take one strand of the Nano i tip hair extensions and insert it in the ring.
  7. Using a special plier, clamp or press the micro ring to secure the hair extension in place.

The Nano I tip hair extensions method usually takes approximately 2 to 3 hours to install a full head of hair extensions.

Shipping Info:

Deliveries take between 2-7 business days, and we do world wide shipping.

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Pay in Installments:

For residents in Saudi Arabia & UAE

First Method: You can pay in 4 installments with Tabby. First payment is 25% of the order amount, and the rest of the amount will be split into 3 months ahead. 

Second Method: You can pay in 3 installments with Tamara. First payment is 33% of the order amount, and the rest of the amount will be split into 2 months ahead.

Residents in Jordan can pay in installments through Bank of Jordan, Etihad Bank, and Arab Bank using their Credit Card.

How are the Nano I-Tip Hair Extensions applied?
Our Nano I-Tip Hair Extensions are applied by taking a small section of hair that is an equal amount to fit through the micro ring, then using a loop tool, the hair is pulled through the loop tool into the micro ring. Once the micro ring is positioned correctly on the hair, one strand of the Nano I-Tip Hair Extensions is inserted into the ring, and secured in place using a clap or plier to press down on the micro ring.

Is one pack of Nano I-Tip Hair Extensions enough for me?
We recommend starting with 2 packs (100 strands) of our Nano I-Tip Hair Extensions. Customers who have thicker hair may need 3 packs or more to achieve a full headed application that looks fuller and absolutely natural.

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