Trax - Tape-in Extensions Re-taping tabs

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Zen Hair's Trax - Double Sided Tape for Hair Extensions

 Looking for completely safe, medical grade and strong tabs for your Tape in hair extensions?

Trax is what you are looking for. Our double sided tape for hair extensions are used for the maintenance of your Zen Hair tape-in extensions.

Our Tape in hair extension tape is:

  • Completely safe - It is medical grade adhesive that will cause absolutely no damage to your hair, hair roots or cause any sensitivity to your scalp.
  • Strong Adhesive - specifically made to keep your tape in hair extensions in place for a long period of time.*
  • Longwear - allows you a 6-8 weeks duration of wear with proper and careful  after care.
  • No residue - Leaves no sticky or any residue on your natural hair when removing them during the maintenance process.
  • Pre-cut - includes 72 pieces of pre-cut tabs that are ready to be used on the spot. No need to cut them to fit on your  Tape-in Extensions.

How to use:

After removing all the tape-in extensions from the client's head, remove any adhesive residue left on the natural hair, then wash and dry both the client's hair and hair extensions. Now you are ready to re-apply the tape-in hair extensions.

  1. Remove one sheet of the Tape in hair extension tape Trax from the package.
  2. Remove one piece of the tab and hold it with your fingers, making sure you do not touch the sticky part.
  3. Carefully place the new tape/sticker in the exact place where the original tape was, ensuring that it is placed as accurately as possible. This is to avoid having to cut the misplaced and excess tape showing on the sides.
  4. Repeat this process to re-tape all of the tape-in hair extensions.
  5. Now the tape-in hair extensions are re-taped and ready to be used!

- Do not shower for at least 48 hours after you re-apply your tape-in hair extensions.

- Wait at least 2 days before working out, wetting, or shampooing the hair. This is important to make sure that the tape in hair extension tape has fully bonded with your hair and is intact, to avoid slippage or the possibility of your tape-in hair extensions to fall out.

Shipping Info:

Deliveries take between 2-7 business days, and we do world wide shipping.

Free Shipping for orders above 220 SAR

Pay in Installments:

For residents in Saudi Arabia & UAE

First Method: You can pay in 4 installments with Tabby. First payment is 25% of the order amount, and the rest of the amount will be split into 3 months ahead. 

Second Method: You can pay in 3 installments with Tamara. First payment is 33% of the order amount, and the rest of the amount will be split into 2 months ahead.

Residents in Jordan can pay in installments through Bank of Jordan, Etihad Bank, and Arab Bank using their Credit Card.

Is Trax safe on hair?
Yes, Trax is 100% on your natural hair. Trax is made from medical grade adhesive that does not cause any irritation or damage to your hair and hair roots.

Is Trax double sided tape?
Yes, Trax is a double sided tape that is used in the reapplication of Zen’s Tape in Extensions and Invisible Tape-In Extensions.

Will my Tape In Hair Extensions fall out?
No. Trax provides a strong and safe hold for your Tape In Extensions, and secures them in place. Please keep in mind, after the application of your Tape In Extensions, including after the retaping of your Tape In Extensions after maintenance, do not wash your hair for 48 hours. This is to allow the adhesive to fully adhere so as to not cause your extensions to come loose and fall off.

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