The 8 best types of natural hair extensions according to famous hairstylists for the year 2023

It's certain that thick, long, and alluring hair can completely transform your look, giving you a radiant and distinctive appearance that sets you apart from everyone else. That's why we've prepared hair extensions to help you achieve the length, thickness, and volume needed for your desired look. In this article, we'll address a common question that many hair extension enthusiasts have in mind: What are the best types of natural hair extensions to consider in 2023?

What are the best types of natural hair extensions you should buy in 2023?

When searching for natural hair extensions, they typically fall into two categories: natural hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. Natural hair extensions are made from 100% pure human hair, while synthetic extensions are crafted from artificial fibers. Despite the advantages of synthetic extensions such as affordability and resilience in various conditions, most celebrity hair stylists consistently recommend opting for natural hair extensions. This is because they are safe, healthy, and can be treated just like natural hair. They can withstand heat, allowing you to style them in various ways, and they provide a more natural appearance that's difficult to distinguish from your own hair.

You can acquire these high-quality natural hair extensions from a reputable store like Zen Hair Shop. Therefore, the best types of hair extensions endorsed by celebrity hair stylists are undoubtedly the natural ones, ensuring a distinct and attractive natural look. Now, let's delve into the various types of hair extension installations and determine which one is the best.

The world of hair extensions offers a variety of options, and each type differs in several aspects. These differences can include the source of the hair used, the color, texture, and the method of installation. In this section, we will focus on the diverse installation methods used in natural hair extensions, which play a crucial role in determining the best choice.

Natural hair extensions vary in their installation methods, with some being straightforward and easy to apply, while others are more complex and require an expert along with a significant amount of time and effort. Below, we'll explore the top eight types of natural hair extensions according to celebrity hairstylists:

1. Clip-In Hair Extensions:

According to experts and professional hair extension installers, this type is considered the fastest and easiest to install when compared to other methods. It involves using natural hair extension clips, ensuring a secure attachment to your scalp. You can put them in yourself, and it won't take more than 10 minutes, giving you natural hair extensions that add volume and allure to your look.

2. Weft Natural Hair Extensions:

Woven hair extensions are one of the oldest types. They are attached to the scalp by sewing them into the natural hair, starting with horizontal braiding from ear to ear. This method is usually more costly and requires an appointment with a professional stylist. It's nearly impossible to install them at home due to their precision and time-consuming nature.

3. Tape In Hair Extensions

It consists of hair strands connected at their ends to double-sided adhesive tape, approximately 2 inches wide. Installing this kind of hair extension involves taking your real hair, which you've previously divided into thin sections, and placing it between two pieces of the tape. While it's possible to install this type at home with some assistance, relying on a professional ensures safer and more precise results.

4. U-Tip Hair Extensions

These permanent extensions are favored by many women due to their impressive results. The installation involves heating and melting keratin bonds, typically the size of a grain of rice, around your natural hair strands. The process takes about three hours and requires a professional installer to ensure proper and safe application.

5. Halo Hair Extensions:

Halo extensions are one of the easiest and safest to install. They don't adhere to your natural hair roots, which keeps them secure without adding pressure to your scalp. Halos consist of a broad piece of hair extensions attached to a transparent nylon wire that can be adjusted to fit your head's size. They usually come with additional natural hair clips for added security. What sets Halo extensions apart is that you can install them yourself without worrying about slippage.

6. Nano I-Tip Hair Extensions:

Nano hair extensions are among the latest natural hair extensions in the market. They are installed using tiny nano rings that seamlessly blend with your natural hair, creating a highly natural appearance. However, installing nano hair extensions requires an expert to ensure safe application, and it can take anywhere from two to three hours to complete the process. A professional installer will carefully divide your hair into very small sections and insert them into the nano rings while leaving 8-10 millimeters of space from the scalp to avoid pressure on your natural hair. The installer will also calculate the weight your natural hair can bear to prevent any damage.

7. I-Tip Hair Extensions:

These extensions last for a long time when properly maintained. Small silicone or metal beads are used to secure hair extensions to small sections of your natural hair. Each bead typically weighs between 0.7 to 1 gram. You can install this type at home with some assistance, but relying on a professional ensures ideal results.

8. Invisible Tape In Hair Extensions

This is a form of permanent adhesive hair extensions, similar to regular tape-in extensions. However, this type resembles scalp roots and is more suitable for those with fine hair looking to add density. They are exceptionally lightweight, ensuring they don't place any undue stress on your natural hair. Nevertheless, it's crucial to have these extensions installed by a professional hair extension installer to ensure a safe and proper application.

In summary, hair extensions can vary significantly in terms of their features. In this article, we've aimed to provide you with an overview of different types of hair extensions and the best options according to celebrity hairstylists. Ultimately, we advise you to take your time when selecting the natural hair extensions that suit your needs. You can find these extensions at Zen Hair Shop, known as the best online platform for natural hair extensions in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world. This way, you can choose the best hair extensions that align with your daily requirements.